Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sources of Gratitude in the last 24 Hours


Nigeria outlawed female genital mutilation.


An Indigogo campaign to raise funds for Bree Newscome's court fees has raised more than $98,000.


I am grateful for strength and stamina.

I went to they gym yesterday and lifted weights.  

I got through it.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Outward Expressions of Grattitude

Last night I watched a Ted Talk on Positive Psychology delivered by Shawn Achor.

I was struck by the bit at the end, the five things you can do for twenty-one days to increase your positivity. 

(It's not that I'm relentlessly negative, far from it, but like anyone, I could always take being MOAR positive.)

So the five things are:

  1. Start each morning with an outward expression of three new things for which you are grateful that happened over the last 24 hours
  2. Keep a journal
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Practice meditation
  5. Commit to doing random acts of kindness. - one email of gratitude a day.
In thinking about an "outward expression of three new things" for which I am grateful, this blog is the place that came to mind as a place to put those thoughts.

I haven't written here in a long time.

Recently, I've realized I miss it. I like to write.

So anyway, I'll put them here.  No one is watching this spot anymore anyway.

Three things that happened in the last 24 hours for which I am extremely grateful.

3. The Mayor returned from three weeks of sleep away camp. Oh, how I missed him.

Friday, September 09, 2011


In Roald Dahl's novel, The BFG, young Sophie is kidnapped and taken to a land occupied by giants.

Recently, I've been reading this book to The Mayor and The Rooster.

In the giant's world, their equivalent of soda fizzes downward instead of upward.

Instead of causing burps, soda causes, well... the opposite, an activity know to the giants as "Whizpopping."

When a giant releases whizpops, he is lifted off the ground and filled with a sensation of elation.

This is such a fun experience that whizpopping itself is a sign of happiness among the giants.

Reflecting on the chapter where we learned all this, The Rooster smiled at me and said,

Mama, you're the happiest person I know.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Hey, No Fair!!

K usually wakes up the children, but he had to leave the house early the other day.

We do it differently, the waking up.

K plays an out of tune guitar and sings a made up morning song that might remind you of alley cats meowing in the night.

I prefer to climb in my children's beds and snuggle them awake.

On this particular morning, I climbed in with The Rooster first and rubbed her back and talked with her until I knew she'd get up and get dressed.

Then I moved into The Mayor's bed.

Because relating to seven year old boys seems to require an element of rough housing, I didn't rub his back so much as gently transition him into several world championship wrestling maneuvers.

As I climbed out of his bed, I said,

You'd better get up and get dressed quickly because I left a fart in your bed.

And then, unbelievably, from The Rooster's room I hear,



They will fight about ANYTHING.

The joys.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We All Face It Alone

Roo woke up this morning complaining of a stomach ache and wouldn’t eat.

I gave her medicine, I tried crackers, toast, juice... she just nibbled.

She stayed in her pajamas and wouldn’t get dressed.

She stayed home from Art Camp yesterday complaining that she was sick and she does have a cold or allergies, but no fever.

I kept encouraging her to do one thing at a time and I got in the shower.

While I was in there, she came and stood next to the shower curtain.

“I miss you when I’m at art camp,” she said in a small voice.

I pulled the shower curtain aside.

“Is this what your stomach ache and sickness is really about, Roo?” I asked. “Are you nervous about art camp?”

She nodded.

“Is it too new? Is it that you don’t know anyone there?”

She nodded again and started to cry.

She went for a full day on Monday and seemed animated and excited by her time there, but my Roo has a hard time adjusting to new places and new people. She's just as shy as can be until she feels safe and comfortable.

When I got out of the shower we talked about bravery, but Roo cried all the way to art camp.

She kept trying to wipe away the tears and get her game face on, but she was scared and nervous.

I thought maybe she’d grown out of this, but I suppose not. I felt ashamed not to have understood what she was feeling when she stayed home yesterday.

Am I too distracted?

I talked to the art camp director about Roo and she promised that she would help her make a special, new friend.

Roo fell on me crying one last time, kissed me, wiped her tears and walked into the classroom with the camp director.

I looked back at her as I left, but she was blurry.

I cried all the way to the office.