Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Mayor

Someone told me that I should record things that The Mayor is saying these days lest I forget. One of my favorite things he says is, “Happy to you!” I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s like Happy Birthday to you without the birthday. It’s said with such joy and seems to serve as a hope for your joy on any occasion. He also says “Happy New Year” – he struggles a little with it, it’s a bit of a tongue twister and comes out sort of like “Happy Newjer” but he’s very excited about it and has been saying it ever since the first.

At daycare yesterday someone stumbled into him and apparently he said, “WATCH IT!” to the amusement of all. He also says (emphatically) “OH MAN!” and “ALRIGHT” When he says, “get up, down, out” etc. it comes out sounding like “gill out, gill down, gill up” Yesterday he told someone to “Gil offa me!”

The Mayor is a big joker and loves to play hide and seek – either hiding himself or objects. When he wants to play he hides his face and yells “Are you?” (meaning Where are you?) and K and I are supposed to start asking each other if the other has seen The Mayor and then call out for him “Mayor, Mayor where are you? I’m looking for you…” He SQUEALS with delight when he peeks out at you. When he thinks you’re not looking he’ll hide something – like his sippy cup – and then look at you inquisitively and ask, “Cup?” He tries really hard to get you to look for it and thinks this is hilariously funny.

When he wants help he can sometimes remember to say “Help peas” (help please) though he sometimes yells in a more demanding way “HELP YOU!! HELP YOU!!” which means help me – or maybe it means HEY YOU, HELP – at any rate it’s much more impatient a request than “help peas.”

He broke the coffee pot – much to our chagrin – and likes to say “I broke the teetop” – he is so proud of the way he has inconvenienced his addicted parents.

He pronounces caboose (like on a train) “Baboose”.

My mom bought him an engineer hat for Christmas and he’s just started wearing it around. He is so cute in it. Last night he wanted to ride MARTA so K took him on a little outing and he wore his hat on the train. He came home saying “Hi little boy” – I guess he got a lot of attention on the train in his choo choo hat.

There is a lot of hitting going on at daycare. I guess he and his friends at school are of the age where they can’t stop hitting. The Mayor comes home bragging about who he hit and how he got a time out.

The Mayor just graduated into size 7 shoes. Out came a friend’s cheery red hand-me-down Keds. The Mayor was beside himself with glee. All day he kept sticking his foot up in the air and yelling “RED SHOES…YAY!!!” and clapping. He loves them like a maniac. I have never seen him act this way about shoes before – of course they’ve been brown up to now.

He calls the lid to any container “hat.” We have “Bubble Hat,” “Pickle Hat,” etc. Also, the door to the refrigerator is “Pickle door”. The boy loves to eat pickles.

I pay good money (and a lot of it) to take The Mayor to a music class every Saturday morning. Each week, we spend at least part of the time waving chiffon scarves around to “Go West” by the Village People. He is in training to be a friend of Dorothy!


Kevin said...

You could add "Scoo meeze" for "Excuse me."