Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hot Park Ranger

Last night I asked my husband's former boss to help fulfill one of my life long fantasies.

Said former boss once ran one of the nations largest and most visited national parks.

This means the man has ACCESS to the much coveted park ranger uniform.

Park Rangers make my beeper go OFF.

Every year for my birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Groundhog Day - whatever - I ask K to dress up like a park ranger, but so far - no ranger.

I finally took matters into my own hands and up and asked Mr. Former Head Ranger In Charge to assist me in this important matter.

He claimed that he could and would take care of it and bragged that he still had his own ranger hat hanging in his closet ... what a TEASE!

Whenever I visit a National Park I immediately find out what RANGER PROGRAMS they have to offer.

I am the participant that stays right up next to the park ranger nodding knowingly and appearing SO interested in watching lichens grow.

Oh, the nearness of the ranger!

A friend recently suggested I Google search "Hot Forest Rangers" to see if there was a site designed specifically for me and ... NOTHING, ZIP, NADA.

So I'm putting it out there because you know I'm right about Park Rangers.


Plain Jane Mom said...

I totally get this! I'm thinking you must have had some smouldering teen longing at summer camp as a teen. Fun!

Kevin Charnas said...

You're so damn funny. Yep, me too. Actually, any man in a uniform just about blows my pants off. Except a prison uniform, that one doesn't do so much for me.

Hyun said...

YOU, my friend (yup! We are friends now)ARE HILARIOUS!! I'm so there with you on the uniform thing. The airforce, and sailors would do it for me and my hubbie just told me two nights ago that a French maid uniform with the fish net stocking and all is his fantasy. I was surprised he even knew a "fish net" stocking.

Betty said...

I don't know why I posted a comment under my hubbie's name, by mistake obviously. But I wanted to also say that I loved that movie, Little Darlings, I was in love with Armande Assante since then.

Waya said...

OMG! What is wrong with me tonight!! I didn't log in under my blog name, so you're probably wondering who the heck is "Hyun and Betty" are. Sorry!

metaDAD said...

I don't get this one bit. Maybe it is a grown-up version of a boy scout "thing" dunno. But hey don't distract them they're protecting urbanites like me and my kids from those big bad bears!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhhh, it goes deep doesn't it?
The obsession I mean, not anything else. :D

BradS said...

This blog entry is a few years old but the emotions expressed are timeless - or at least as old as the Park Ranger hat and uniform -

He's a man who is there to help - whose cheeks are rosy from all that mountain air - who lives close to the earth and the forces of nature

Hats off to these boys - may the campfires of our hearts never be doused, stirred and doused again bu remain smoldering forever.

Park Patrol Guy said...

Hey, found your site by googleling "Ranger fetish" go figure ha?
Anyway, thought you all might get a laugh out of some of my own pictures of myself in NPS uniform
Very random stuff but enjoy

got suggestions? feel free to email me