Monday, April 10, 2006

Another Exciting Opportunity to Fail at Motherhood

After SIX BUSINESS DAYS without daycare thanks to spring break, The Mayor got a fever and missed the first day back.


We took Rooster Girl anyway because K and I had to play toddler hot potato in order to avoid being fired from our jobs.

When K picked Rooster Girl up from daycare there was a note sent home requesting that we send 12 plastic, multi-colored eggs filled with age appropriate candy to school with EACH of our children tomorrow.


Do I look like I have plastic, multi-colored eggs COMING OUT OF MY REAR?????

Don’t even get me started on age appropriate candy.


Sayre said...

I'm reading this at work and burst out laughing, which drew a crowd...

I can SO relate to this! I have just finished my own week of spring break and my 7 year old and I are barely on speaking terms. Can't wait for summer! Luckily, I've found 5 week-long summer camps I can ship him off to (day camps) and not miss too much work.

What do you do in the summer????

Sayre said...

Oh, and "age appropriate candy"???? They have GOT to be kidding, right?