Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jesus Christ it's Passover Silly

We were invited to a friend’s Seder dinner last night and I was feeling all chuffed about it because it seems like an intimate family thing to be included in – especially since we’re not Jewish – and I really care about these friends.

We were asked to bring 17 peeled hard boiled eggs (17!) and a salad.

To arrive there at 5:30 meant that a whole set of variables had to execute JUST RIGHT.

I had to prepare the food, rescue the children from the PhDs in early childhood development, pick up Daddy from the choo choo, swing home so he could get out of his suit, pick up the salad and bowl-o-eggs and bust-a-move to the Seder.

Best laid plans.

K boiled and peeled the eggs the night before. (Bless him.)

Eggs, check.

At 4:00, I started making the salad. While cutting up avocados, I stabbed myself in the hand.


Important lessons related to stabbing yourself at home:

1.) It really hurts.

2.) It is very hard to find any meaningful results when you Google “Home Remedies for Stab Wounds.”

My neighbor Michele came over and very expertly cleaned and dressed my hand.

I called K to mentally prepare him for the fact that “finish MAKING the salad” now had to be added to the “swing by the house” area of the “Get to the Seder On Time” (Late) plan.

As soon as he got out of his suit, he set to cutting up the rest of the avocados and…


Our gracious Seder hosts reminded us that it is not necessary to achieve Stigmata for Passover.


Mel said...

LMAO!!! I mean, it isn't funny that you stabbed yourself (selves), but that comment re: stigmata was a hoot! :)

Grim Reality Girl said...

I just want you to know that when you write about an incident like this it makes me feel less alone in this cold dark world :-) Not that I want you to suffer, but I feel so much better about myself knowing this shit happens to someone besides ME! You are THE BEST!