Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Free, Wild and Naked

When you are two (or very nearly so), you can fly kites and swim naked with your friends. You can play naked soccer and naked frisbee. You can remark that peeing in the ocean is better than peeing in the tub. You can be filled with glee and think that it's all just too good.

Oh, The Joys of the Beach!


sweatpantsmom said...

What a great shot.

Oh, to be naked at the beack! (And not care about flabby thighs and jiggling tummies!)

Mom101 said...

Wait do you have to be two to do all these things? Uh-oh. Nate is going to be a little dismayed.

Gorgeous photo. A keeper for sure.

floosen said...

Awesome. When did we lose that ability to be naked and not care what people think? Life would be so much better if you could take a daily frolick (is that the way it's spelled, geesh) all nudie.

I love the buns. So cute.