Friday, May 05, 2006


I am working way too many hours a day on a two day special event. Many of the guests are Fortune 100 CEOs and the intensity of the whole thing is getting kind of extreme at this point – the event is next week.

Every day I wake up and have to be super mom, the kind, understanding, patient woman who remains patient despite the fact that one child is yelling, “NO! YOU go away! I want DADDY!” and the other is yelling and yelling because she can’t quite crawl and she SO wants to crawl.

After dropping them off at daycare I come home and try to be all 1980’s Nancy Reagan professional organized woman, but really I feel like this.


Kevin Charnas said...

LMAO!! How you really feel? That was great, made me burst out laughing, thanks.

Kevin Charnas said...

even 3 pieces of pizza sound good...the person working at Subway at lunch (i went to get pizza after writing that very bitter blog - sorry, and they were closed due to a gas leak!)looked so mad that I thought that she was going to smear my tuna fish on the bread with one of her ass cheeks.