Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Special Band-Aids Redux

After five days of "vacation" the promise of DAYCARE was so sweet.

But no.

I am home with TWO children, both under two years old, both vomiting.

At this very moment they are both SCREAMING themselves to sleep (I hope they will end up asleep - I should say that they are screaming in their respective sleeping places - good luck to you both!)

It is WELL beyond when afternoon nap SHOULD have started and this mommy has had ENOUGH of the JOY for one morning.

I swear, the joys. There are so many.

This morning, The Mayor - in his continued fascination with "special band-aids" asked to hold one.

Sighing and feeling sorry for myself as the staying at home mother of the two vomitoids, I unwrapped an OB Tampon and gave it to him.

He took it, held it up to me and said, "This is MY pon!"

Well okay then.

"I want to put it under my butt. You take off my diaper?"

Well, no.

So, on to Plan B. First he separated the strings and wore it like a bracelet, but the last I saw of it he was flossing with the string at the breakfast table.

Where it is now, I do not care to know.

As long at is doesn't show up as a Christmas Tree ornament!


floosen said...

As you know, wit the birth of a child there are many "feminine napkins" in the house these days. Mine are wrapped in green and yellow plastic and David likes to hold them in his hands like the gifts that the Magi brought and say "Look, Mama, A PRESENT!" All through the house, following me around with them. Maybe he won't feel queasy about buying them for his wife someday. That girl, as I've said before, owes me BIG...

sweatpantsmom said...

This is too funny. I demand that you post pictures of the tampon flossing, as well as any other inventions this creative boy comes up with. And, well, if it ends up on your Christmas Tree I know we'd all like to see that too.

Kevin Charnas said...

aaahh!!! Jessica! oh man...I know it's redundant, but you REALLY crack me up.

Mel said...

Arg! Blogger ate my comment!
To repeat: AHH! NO! was what I said about the "angel" pic; I won't bother to repeat the rest of my inane blather. :)

Haewon said...

OMG I just peed my pants.

Your Aunt Nancy said...

Nah--I can beat THAT story. At 3, Shannon came across a birth control sponge. I came across her (while her father was SUPPOSEDLY watchig her) after she had climbed onto the bathroom vanity and was industriously scrubbing the mirror with it. She was beaming! "Look--I'm helping you clean!"

Painter Beach Girl said...

OH I AM DYYYYYYING!!!!!!!!! That is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!