Saturday, May 06, 2006

Special Band-Aids

I was sitting on the floor playing with Rooster Girl while K showered, shaved and got ready for work.

I was ostensibly also watching The Mayor, but as K is the center of The Mayor's universe, it is virtually impossible to keep him out of the bathroom during K's morning routine.

It is more likely that The Mayor will be standing at the tub, pulling the shower curtain aside and yelling, "Hey Dad, you have a penis?"

So I often sit playing with little Rooster listening to the conversations K has with The Mayor during their male bathroom bonding time.

Yesterday I heard K say, "Oh, Mayor, I don't think you should play with those" and then
The Mayor asking, "What's DAT?"

K: "Those are Mommy's special band-aids."

I sat on the floor thinking... special Band-Aids? What can he mean?

The Mayor burst through the door with a box of super absorbent tampons and said, "Hey Mom, you put one on?"


Mel said...

Oh, lord. How'd you get out of that one?

Your Aunt Nancy said...

When I was just wee (had to be 5-6 yo), I was playing in your grandmother's bedroom and rummaging in the drawer in your grandfather's nightstand. I came across these curiosly shaped things and asked your grandmother what they were. She said they were special bandaids that your grandfather needed. I asked why, and proclaimed that I never saw him wearing any special bandaids and he said they were for his feet. It took me a long time to learn the difference between condoms (the ones I found were not wrapped) and corn cushions!

Kevin Charnas said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Classic... VERY funny.

sweatpantsmom said...

Ha! Time to get a lock for the cabinet...

Mom101 said...

Oh my God that is just hilarious. And it gets funnier with every read! Special BandAids indeed. (and hey, thanks for the blogroll mention.)