Sunday, June 25, 2006

I Need More Points

My mommy guru friend joined Weight Watchers and has already lost 10 pounds. She had extra copies of all the materials and gave them to me suggesting that I count my “points” for one day to see what I thought about it. Since I follow most of her advice (except putting rocks, sand and pinecones in the bed), I thought, “O.K., why not, what have I got to lose (besides 15lbs.?)”

I was OUT OF POINTS at lunchtime.


Today at the pool, Mommy Guru and my Seder host were talking about how all the clothing targeted at women our age is either designed for Super Sizzlin’ Hot Mamma or something, er, LARGER and nothing in-between.

I wouldn’t know for sure as I am still in the “disposable clothes” phase. Everything I currently wear, I have to admit, came from Target so that if the build-up of kiddie fluids, formula and baby food overwhelms any given outfit I can just go back for more from the bulls eye on my paycheck people.

Still, the conversation gave me pause. I am stuck in the in-between… It must be time to strengthen my resolve. One mouthful of Craisins is almost half the points the WW team allows in a day.

Deny thy craisins be redeemed! Hmmm, wonder how many points in this... not TOO many, right?


Mel said...

Mmmmmm... yummmyyy... man, those are "pleasure calories." They don't count.
At least that's what I tell myself, but god, don't listen to me; I'm packing around 15 to 20 myownself.
(My secret weakness is the mixed up one - you know, the one that has chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownie chunks in it? Gaaaahhh.....)

Mel said...

Hey! What became of your Hate Meme?
Also, to return the favor, I just found out about someplace called blogmad... did you know about this one? If not, returning the favor.

theresa said...

This weekend I tried Ben & Jerry's "Jamaican Me Crazy" it's pinapple shorbet with passion fruit swirls....totally sinful!

Mom101 said...

Ooh, thanks for reminding me! I need that cancel that stupid online WW membership. I haven't checked it for like six months now and they keep billing me.

It wasn't so bad when I was breastfeeding with the extra ten ponts a day. Now? Forget it.

Dirty Butter said...

I've never tried WW, but I'm sure I wouldn't get half way through a typcal day without being out of points, either!!

Just a suggestion on web page design, it you don't mind. I like the way you link to pics and other posts within your post with the bold phrases. I followed several of them, out of curiosity, and found them very helpful and interesting.

The one I wanted to suggest a change on was the Target picture, and any other huge ones like it. I'm on DSL, and I thought that thing would never load!! You really do need to resize your larger pictures BEFORE you upload them to your host. It's not enough to resize them when you post. That particular pic is almost 700KB. Even if you resize it on your blog, it will still be 700KB to load. You must resize it on your computer, then upload it.

Leaving to vote for you on BLOG VILLAGE.

floosen said...

I told you that craisins were the spawn of the devil...horrible. But if I am being sinful, I go for the B&J Everything But the Kitchen Sink (or something like that...ohmygod.)
WW never worked for me, although the social support is kinda cool. The best way of eating that I've experienced is the Insulin Resistance Diet (bad name, good book). It's just a good way of eating and making sure you are eating protien with all the carbs we love.

michele said...

Oh Man! You made me want ice cream and it's not even 9:00am yet! I'll have to resist the urge until tonight.

The best way to lose weight, smaller portion size and exercise -- works every time I do it.