Friday, June 09, 2006

Nighty Night Dirty Details

Driving The Mayor to daycare this morning, Rooster Girl was tired and irritable in the car.
The Mayor was asking about it and I told him that she was tired and that maybe he should sing her a “nighty night” song.
He happily obliged.
I wish I had a way to record it because here is what he came up with...

Night, night song
How I wonder what you are night, night
Home, home on the ra-ange
Where the deer is
Twinkle, twinkle little star
Hi! I wonder what you are
the deer is
Night, night song

Just before dinner last night, The Mayor and Rooster Girl were sitting in the pink sunlight streaming through the slats of the dining room window blinds.
They were facing each other in the slatted, evening light laughing and delighting in one another.
They were completely oblivious to K and I.
As I watched them so absorbed and enamored with each other my heart just swelled with happiness. Then we noticed that Rooster Girl was sitting in a giant lake of liquid poo.
Details, details.


Mel said...

Heh... those pesky details.
I've found more times than I can count that those Hallmark moments are usually milliseconds long, because there's that pesky real life shit intruding.
Notwithstanding, I love times like those.