Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Only One Left Standing

The inevitable has happened. Both K and I have been struck with the stomach flu that has been plaguing Rooster Girl for four days. I am here to testify that it is really hard to parent when you would most like to lay down on the bathroom floor and spoon your beloved toilet.

I have learned one important lesson today. It is a lesson that you would think I would have learned earlier than this… but no. Should you fail to adhere to this lesson (as I did TWICE today) you will be very unhappy with the results. The lesson is this:

If you are suffering from diarrhea, by all means, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PASS GAS.


It's a very bad idea.


Mel said...

I'mgoingtosaythisfastsoBloggerwillletitthrough-I'm so sorry!

theresa said...

Ummmmm, thanks for the tip....I think.

(hope you feel better soon)

Panda said...

may you soon be able to fart with confidence!

Kevin Charnas said...

I was just about to tell you how sorry I am that you all have gotten so sick, but then, made me burst out laughing.
I am sorry...but again, thanks for the laugh.

floosen said...

I believe it's called a "shart"...

Feel better ;)