Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bath Time

Tonight The Mayor pushed Rooster's face down into the bath water and held it there. K and I were sitting right next to the tub and were able to rescue her right away. It only lasted a second but it shook me up.

The instinct to protect my children is so incredibly fierce and my love for them overpowering -- so what a schizophrenic feeling to face one of my children as the most serious threat to the other one's safety.
Poor little Roo. All she wants in the world is to keep up with her brother and what does she get?

It was all fun and games that led to her face being held under water. While I was sneaking time on the computer cleaning the house, K was bathing the tots. He was happily teaching The Mayor to say,

" I want to be part of a hegemonic super power that disregards human rights all over the world."
They were having so much fun.

Then Rooster and
The Mayor were playing together so sweetly that K called me in to watch.

Happy, happy, joy, joy...DUNK.

Roo came up sputtering and crying. She was fine. Startled, but fine.



carmachu said...

Better than what I did to my younger brother as a kid.....He's lucky to have made it to adulthood.

It happens. Just have to keep an eye out.

If its just fun and games, its no big deal. If its jealiousy and anger taken out on the wee one....thats something to watch out for.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

She has the look of "o I've just been dunked by my brother" Too cute. He's hanging on to her to make sure it doesn't happen again accidentally wink wink ;)

Sayre said...

I cringe when I think of the abuse I heaped on my little brothers (I have 5 of them, so there was ample opportunity). I split one's heel open and locked another out of the house naked. I never managed to kill any of them though, so that's good....

There will always be an element of that - I think it's just nature. You can't push them out of the nest so that you can get the worms, but you can sit on them and make them squeal.

carmachu said...

I'm with sayre. Just wait til their odler and throwing rocks at each other....(yes, my brother and I did that).

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

wow, i feel for you. what a scary moment. my cousin once almost bit the toe off his baby sister. ugh.


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Oops forgot to say, now my cousins are grown and are extremely close and are the best of friends.


Mel said...

Arg! I don't know what to say, except that my girls have a solid love/hate relationship. I don't know, I wasn't there to see the dunking, but I imagine that if Owen's 2 there's not a whole lot of psychopathy involved.
Or, actually, to put it a little differently, I think all 2-year-olds are kinda psycho. Mine sure were...

Panda said...

We want to teach Spudly to say "Subvert the dominant paradigm".

Seems like K's lesson is working at least when it comes to Ruby's human rights!