Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Count to Three

I am struggling with The Mayor who is two.

I am counting to three.


Counting to three.

"If you don't climb down from your carseat like a big kid by the time I count to three, I'm going to have to pick you up and get you out like a baby. One...Two..."


Luckily, he's found real inspiration lately in doing things the BIG KID way, but there are so MANY simple actions that need negotiation. There's counting for walking in or out of a door, getting in the car, coming to the table, getting in the tub... Oh. The. Endless. Counting. To. Three.

I can't believe I'm counting to three.

The hardest part of the day is dropping him off at daycare. For weeks he held on to me saying, "I want to hold you. I need you." and cried when I left.

Just recently I discovered that if I stage a big "WAVING BYE BYE" event, he doesn't cry. If the kids are inside when I leave, I take him to the window, head out and wave like crazy while he waves back. I walk backwards, blow kisses and wave until I am out of sight. There haven't been any tears all week.

The other morning, my tearless boy was standing in the play yard, nose pressed against the fence, maniacly yelling, "BYE MOM!" when he suddenly and for the first time ever added,


Suddenly, there were baby bunnies wrinkling their little pink noses, kittens lapped milk from exotic porcelain saucers, puppies pressed their paws against my nose and I inhaled their puppy paw smell so like hot summer pavement after a thunder shower, baby lambs frolicked about, lion cubs drank from baby bottles, teeny tiny cakes floated gently to the Earth, a meteor shower sent shafts of rainbow light across the sky, a family of smurfs made a nest like home in my bosom and sales of Wisconsin cheese hit record highs.

Look! Here is one of the lambs now...

baby lamb

I really wanted to stop in my tracks, to breathe it in, because I've been second fiddle for a long, long time and this kind of two year old love talk is usually reserved for Daddy when he gets out of the car to catch the commuter train.

I didn't stop though.

I kept heading for the car because, as all working moms know, if you've got a tearless daycare drop-off process working smoothly you can't muck about with it or there will be a great wailing.

But I did sit in my car, and slowly count to three, smiling.


Sayre said...

I'm so glad you wrote this down. My son tells me he loves me constantly, including the "I love you more than you love me" line (where did he get that?). But I don't remember the FIRST time he told me. I know it must have been a big deal to me at the time, but I didn't make note. Your puppy-paw description made my heart ache and my eyes water because that is EXACTLY how it feels!

I really am going to have to quit reading you at work though. They already think I'm crazy without the tears and explosive laughter...

Christina_the_wench said...

You did well. I am so proud of you.

floosen said...

I think I say this every week, but I think this was your best post yet. Of course, Lady Flabina was my favorite before this one, but I know this feeling (and being second fiddle) so it's even more dear.



P.S. Do you think Owen maybe knew you had written about his dunking incident and was trying to make good? I mean, he probably surfs your site all the time...

Mel said...

Nice. This was a smile-inducer, for sure. And on a day like today where I am trying not to pass out on my desk, that is a gift.

Blonde Vigilante said...

You make me want to be a mom. I can't even believe there was a time when I didn't want to be one.

I also love that I can read this blog in which you blog about your kids and not want to shoot myself. Thank you for that. You bring humanity and normalness back to the word "mommy".

carmachu said...

Only to three? Wow you're good. With sarah its to 5, and even then she doesnt quite make it at times....

As for the love....yes its in stages. Right now sarah's back to mommy mode....thank goodness....*grin*

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

That was a wonderful moment, and so earned. Drink. It. In.


Kristin said...

another wonderful post oh-joyous one...

Irish Church Lady :) said...

How precious! I probably would have been bawling by the time I got to the car but maybe I'm just premenstrual.

Nikki said...

I KNOW that feeling.

I was crying and laughing with joy the whole day. My heart felt like it expanded thru out my whole body, and I felt like I was gonna explode into a million spark-a-ly bits.

I'm so happy for you.

You did good.

Painter Beach Girl said...

I've been counting too, with a 3 and 5 year old. It doesnt work very well with the 5 year old anymore unless I say "by the time I count to three, if you havent put that antique vase back on the table, you will go to your room" or "by the time I count to three if you havent gotten out of your seat you will lose that toy for one day". That helps. The 3 year old just doenst want me to get to three, like a numbers game. So far, there dont have to be consequences, counting is enough