Thursday, July 13, 2006

Knee Slappin' Daycare Humor

Yesterday when I arrived to pick The Mayor and Rooster Girl up from daycare Rooster had on a different outfit than when I dropped her off. The extra outfits sometimes stay in the daycare bag so long that I feel as though I have never seen them before the moment when my children are wearing them at the end of the daycare day.

I think, "Who are you and WHAT are you wearing?"

Anyway, yesterday when I picked her up Rooster was wearing a onesie wth a duck face and the word "Quack!" on the rear. Hmmm. Not so familiar, but if daycare people say it is hers then O.K.

As her daycare person handed her to me she asked, "Is it okay if I say something REALLY inappropriate to you?"


Talk about piquing my interest!

"Sure, okay, fire away."

The daycare person turned Rooster around so I could see the back of her outfit and said, "Look! It's her BUTT QUACK!"

Cute... but COME ON PEOPLE, I expect so much MORE from "inappropriate."


Pendullum said...

Thanks for the morning smile...

And oddly enough... I think my husband could have come up with that design... as it goes along with his humour..
Or as he likes to call his movements 'Barking Spiders'...
Sorry, I know too much information... But sometimes, I just can not help myself!

kim said...

LOL thats a good one ... and a cute lil butt quack it is :)

Blonde Vigilante said...

SOOOOOO much more.

Hysterical, none the less. I bet she was thinking that up all day long. I bet she changed her into it just so she could stick your childs ass in your face and say "quack". Priceless, really.

Lindsay said...

Reading your post I thought it was gonna be so much worse!
that is quacking me up!

Mel said...

LMAO!! Who says clean isn't funny?

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

That's pretty cute, and rather sweet that in her mind that was inappropriate. But like you, when someone says they are going to tell me something inappropriate, I feel as though we should first move our conversation into a place with alcohol. That was a wholesome letdown.

Cute Butt, though, if I may say, at the risk of being inappropriate.


carmachu said...

Butt quack. THats great!

Heck some folks WOULD get offended you know.....

Nikki said...


I would have fallen over dead.

The people at Lauren's daycare can be so straight laced.

It feels like I'm visiting my grandmother and have to be on my best behavior all the time.

I mean, SHIT, I can't fuckin' cuss or anything.

Panda said...

Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

But really, inappropriate? I dont think so.

Lotta said...

What if you said no?