Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Flying Undies

The other night, K was practicing The Shot.

As usual, he balled up his underwear and tossed it up into the fan blades.

The underwear spun around the room, flew off the fan blades, knocked the antena off the television and disappeared completely.


We were completely puzzled.

K looked behind the television, on the floor, between the wall and the dresser...

No underwear.

Finally he noticed that they had made a perfect landing on one of the
hooks on the back of the bedroom door - the place where K likes to hang his weekly outfit at night. (Do all guys do the weekly outfit? You know, come home from work and change into the same pair of clothes each evening for a week...or more?) Anyway, the underwear hung there as if they wanted to say, "I'm not that dirty. You can wear me again tomorrow."


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

hysterical! I loved this post. One time when I was a kid my father threw a dried apricot up into the air to catch it with his mouth and it got caught in a fan blade and was NEVER SEEN AGAIN. We looked high and low.

My husband DOES have the WEEKLY (OR MORE) outfit. funny.


Mel said...

Ah, the Mystery of the Disappearing Underpants... you should totally write that as a kid's book. ;)
But yes, the husband does the same damn thing... drives me batty. PLEASE put on FRESH clothing, dear! We are poor, but we aren't THAT poor.

Kristin said...

My husband has a uniform of sorts... daily he wears khakis and a Reyn Spooner... they're all different, but pretty much the same.

melissa said...

YES! The weekly (or more) happens here. What the hell is this? I call them his "houseclothes." Solid t-shirt, icky nylon shorts. Ugh, so ugly and then? They start to smell funny. I hate them. Why the weekly outfit?

Only his weekly outfit likes to live on the floor next to his side of the unmade bed. We're so clean here.

Painter Beach Girl said...

the weekly outfit!! Oh my gosh! How can they wear one shirt two days in a row (if not more)????? I might wear a pair of jeans a second day, AT the most. Only if I was sitting around at home watching tv all day...which never happens!!!!

Domestic Chicky said...

Classic. psst...c'mere...i have tried tossing stuff into the fan since the first post...mostly baby socks, but I hit hubby with a diaper the other day...hee

Kevin Charnas said...

you two are so damn funny. i can completely picture this when i'm reading it.

Diana said...