Saturday, July 01, 2006

Overheard Conversations with Dad

The Mayor: Hey Dad, did you hear that?

K: Hear What?

The Mayor: Did you hear my butt, Dad?

K: No. I didn’t hear it. Did it make a noise?

The Mayor: Yes, it DID make a noise.

K: What kind of noise did it make?

The Mayor: Um….

K: Did it bark like a dog?

The Mayor: YES! It did!!

K: That’s great. Maybe the next time we hear a dog barking you can talk to it with your butt.


Mel said...

That got me snorting... my dad always used to call 'em "Australian Barking Spiders."

Sayre said...

My dad, who was a tooter, always said, "oops... trod on a toad."

Mama Duck said...

Ha ha ha, that's hilarious!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

That is so funny. Dads are the best. My husband is the same way, he won't hesitate to use sarcasm in a loving way, but me, oh no, I'm Miss Sincere Mom.

That was a really cute story.


Nikki said...

I instantly had a visual of Jim Carey in the Pet Detective talking to Lone Loc(sp) with his butt.

I spray a half eaten Hershey's Kiss on the screen. I hate cleaning up chocolate, especially after reading about someone's butt. The two visuals don't go well together for me.

Kevin Charnas said...

damn it, that is too funny...and too cute.
i love it when our dogs fart and it surprises them, they turn around and look at their ass like, "What the fuck was that???"

melissa said...

It really is good to encourage new talents in our chidren. Butt-talking to dogs is definitely a talent!

Diana said...

How funny, will he do it Ace Ventura style? Asking for breathmints? LOL