Sunday, August 13, 2006

So Proud

Grandma Seattle is in town this weekend... braving the humidity of the deep south for the love of the wee ones.

She cooked dinner tonight, she wore this weird toy on her nose, she read to
The Mayor every single night and she worked HARD to woo the fickle Rooster Girl out of her shy state.

After a weekend of serious effort on her part Grandma was rewarded tonight when Rooster finally reached up to her wanting to be picked up.

That kind of behavior is unprecendented from Roo.

K and I looked on in awe.

"She actually WANTS someone besides you or me to pick her up."


We too were on our best behavior and were able to demonstrate what excellent parenting skills we have developed so that my mom can be proud of us.

Like when we were driving home from the zoo and
The Mayor discovered his sippy cup was all out of milk...

The Mayor: Please mommy, can I have some more milk in my cup? (Now THAT is asking nicely!)

Me: We'll have to wait until we get home because I accidentally put the thermos in the trunk.


My Mom: What was that?


My Mom: What is that word ? I don't know what that means.

Me: (Silently to myself) MARSCAPONE!


Sayre said...

Your very own "Goddammit, Grandma!" story!

Why is it always in the car?

hautemama said...

I love Gramma Seattle--she rocks!

ps-help anyone! How do you add bloggers to your site? Mucho appreciated!

blessedmomx3 said...

HAAAA HA! You're my soul sista!
Your mom is a cutie! :) I love the nose!

Samantha said...

OMG, I have laughed my butt off at just about every post on your blog! I love it!! You're a silly noodle (famous words of my 3 yr. old twin daughters!) LOL

Pendullum said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

Your mother rocks!
What a great shot of her!

To add to your swear word list alternatives...

Cheese is nice!

Nikki said...


Damn it Joy! You always make me laugh.

SJ said...

It's not every day you have someone wearing Godzilla on her nose want to pick you up. Ruby sounds gifted.

Also, hey, you linked me! Thanks for that. I will reciprocate shortly.

Christina_the_wench said...

You are too funny. That photo is the bomb, as is your mom it seems!

Diana said...

Oh man, why do these kids insist on swearing in front of Grandmas? My son likes to say Shit (in context, thank you very much, but he can't say much else, the little shit. oops!) and says it mostly in front of my mother! Argh!

carmachu said...

Grandmas are good for that.

Now see dear, your learning that kids pick up ALL our habits.....

Kristin said...


Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree in the humor department... your mom looks/sounds like a blast!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Love it! Your mom looks so fun. And you gotta admire a kid so young who knows the proper time to use a curse word. In his world, that was a totally justified shit shit shit shit moment.