Thursday, August 17, 2006

You Want Ketchup With That?

Last weekend when my mom was here, we all went out to lunch with my friend Michele and her two boys. Picture the calm, serenity of our table for eight - four adults and four kids.

We had that sort of scattered chatting you have while dealing with kiddie orders and kiddie needs. The restaurant took the orders for the kids food first (bless them) and out it came.

There was a great flurry of activity as moms and dads cut things in to small pieces and generally argued negotiated with the four and under set.

Suddenly, there was a great SPLAT and a moment of silence... immediately followed by hysterical cries from 18 month old Otto.

The rest of us were completely stunned and bewildered...

All of us (except one) were COVERED in ketchup.

Young Otto had taken a direct hit in the face. My mother's ear was completely filled, every little crevice in her ear stuffed with ketchup. Our clothes were spattered. The walls were coated, the floor - everything.

Ketchup everywhere.

It looked like a scene from a slasher movie.

In complete silence (save the crying of Otto) we looked around wondering...WTF? Huh?

K held a ketchup bottle in his hand, the cap missing, the bottle itself hovering over The Mayor's fries and his jaw practically in his lap.

"I went to shake it up before I poured it out and..."

Grins spread out across our faces and one by one we started laughing.

And laughing.

And laughing until we almost peed.

The entire wait staff and the restaurant management rushed over only to find us unable to speak from laughing.

It took all of them and all of us to wipe the ketchup from our hair, our clothes, my mom's ear, poor little Otto's whole face, the walls...

Turns out we were the first customers to sit at that table that day, so who ever refilled the ketchup bottles the night before didn't screw on the cap very well.


The manager was beside himself with apologies, but we (save Otto) were highly amused.

But no one had a camera. So sad.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Bottle 342g


Sayre said...

That's the kind of stuff that happens to us.... Pardon me while I climb back onto my chair from rolling around on the floor!

Heather said...

I love those stories! It makes me want to have babies! Does that make me crazy???

tonya cinnamon said...

oh my how funny :-D
too bad there was no camera.. that would have been a "kodak" moment heheheheheh

Pendullum said...

I think it is better without the digital pic... as you painted a lovely picture!!!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

You all are so cool! I love that you reacted that way. So cool. I always knew ketchup was cool, and so are the people who love it --and wear it.


Marcie said...

I'm trying to get in the habit of always having a camera with me for times just like the one you had.
What a great story. A sense of humor comes in real handy sometimes.

Natsthename said...

Who needs a camera? YOu described it perfectly, and I'm sure it's more fun than the photo would have been. :-)

Kevin Charnas said...

that made my day!!! i'm sitting here laughing my ass off! whew...i wish i had been there. that's just FANTASTIC.

Kristin said...

I like your people... you all know how to laugh!!

OT: Will you email and tell me the secret to being able to cross out a word on blogger? I use Firefox and have a Mac.


pendlerpiken said...

that is just hilarious :D
thanks for sharing!

liberalbanana said...

I wish I'd been there to see that! I would've laughed my ass off, too!

Diana said...

Stupid blogger wouldn't let me comment yesterday. What I was GOING to say was: doesn't it figure you don't have a camera when you REALLY need one?
Funny story. You guys most have looked greaT!

blessedmomx3 said...

Thank you for providing my evening dose of laughter with this post and the high stepping one. If Michael would have said that about fixing breakfast, I would have been in a puddle of laughter and tears on the floor!

Our kitchen currently has only a large pink inflatable Barbie ottoman in it, but that's only because they chose to destroy the rest of the house today.

I just heard a thud and crying a few minutes ago. Apparently my oldest child has figured out how to fall into the tub. Oh joy!

worldpeace_and_aspeedboat said...

fan-tastic. I want that to happen to me sometime ;)

canape said...

Okay, I know it is lame to comment on a months past post - but I'm catching up here. And I have so done this with a bottle of salad dressing. Raspberry salad dressing. Unfortunately, my Kevin was the only one covered and I was the first one to start laughing. Never be the first one laughing when it is you that hath screwed up.