Monday, September 18, 2006

Favorite TV Characters

Melanie in Orygun is MAKING me do this meme about my favorite characters from TV.

So. Here they are...

Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, Foyle's War (Michael Kitchen)

Detective Chief Superintendent Jane Tennison, Prime Suspect (Helen Mirren)

Col. Sherman T. Potter, M*A*S*H (Harry Morgan)

David Fisher, Six Feet Under (Michael C. Hall)

Flip Wilson, The Flip Wilson Show

The Swedish Chef, The Muppet Show

Gil Grissom, CSI (William L. Peterson)

Speed Racer

Robin, Batman & Robin (Burt Ward)

Tim Conway, The Carol Burnett Show

Gilda Radner, Saturday Night Live

Chris in the Morning, Northern Exposure (John Corbett)

Jack McCoy, Law & Order (Sam Waterston)

I tag
Sayre, Heather, Blessed Mom, Carmachu and W.A.Y.A! So there. (I have never tagged anyone before. I have double dog dared Kevin Charnas though!)


Waya said...

This will be my first tag for a Meme. And I'm so excited since I'm such a tvoholic. Jack McCoy is my man too!

Sayre said...

Oooo... this will be interesting, since I don't watch much TV. Luckily, cartoon characters appear to count! I will tell you now that Square Bob Sponge Butt is NOT one of my favorites!

The Medium Swede said...

One of my favorite tv characters is David (the boorish boss) from the BBC version of The Office.

Mel said...

AWEsome. And I totally FORGOT about the Swedish Chef, and BEAKER! Who forgets BEAKER? He was only like my favorite Muppet ever... sheesh.

blessedmomx3 said...

What?! What?! What is a Meme!? I'm so out of the loop! We just list our favorite t.v. characters? I LOVE that I'm included! Woo hoo! I feel so important all of a sudden! hee hee!

liberalbanana said...

There's a plug-in to Firefox (browser) that will turn all of your text into Bork - the language the chef from the Muppets uses. Check it out here.

Mandy said...

Ohhh, I loved Speed Racer! Waya tagged me, (I just read it, so haven't done yet) but wanted to comment on your piece on Religion. I feel similarly to you about the churches, but I ran into someone recently who told me about Unitarian Universalist, sounds very interesting, different paths of spirituality coming together and storng sense of community and yet not "religious" in the normal sense. Think I may check it out. Nice to meet ya (reading your blog that is!)

blessedmomx3 said...

Okey dokey! I did it Jessica!