Sunday, September 03, 2006

Going Too Far

Last night K and I got a sitter so we could go out to celebrate our anniversary. We were only out for thirty minutes before she called to say that The Mayor had thrown up all over the dining room. She said he felt better, that she would clean it up and we should stay out.

Then she called back.

To say he had thrown up in the hall and in the bathroom and could we please come home.

As soon as we got home, Rooster Girl threw up all over
herself in her crib.

Say it with me now, "Oh. The. Joys."

In other really 'kick-aff' news, I'm using the new blogger beta (or whatever) and its latest insult is that, just now, when I tried to leave comments on the kabillion or so blogs that I read I got a message that said,

"You are using the NEW blogger beta!
We're sorry, blogger beta users can't comment on blogs.
Commenting feature coming soon!"

My jaw is hanging open in complete and utter disbelief.

I am cut off.

Shut out.

For how long?

My comments are blog "Love Locked Out."

That,, is going too far. WAY too far.


Mel said...

That eats shorts!
I want those categories really bad, man, but I don't want them bad enough to transition until they get all the bugs out.

slackermommy said...

I'm locked out too. It sucks!

Melissa said...

Darling, it is time. Move to the glorious and free Wordpress. Pretty, Easy, Never Locks You Out.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Oh noooooooo! I am sorry to hear about your anniversary dinner! Is everyone feeling better? Has the barfing stopped? Hope you can go out just the two of you again soon for a second attempt. At least you have your sense of humor to get you through.

And that is unbelievable that they would not have developed the commenting feature. Are they familiar with blogging?


Waya said...

Oh Man!! Sorry to hear about your anniversary dinner ruined. Our first going away anniversary will be in 2 wks and I'm so praying that this scene won't happen to us. Heck! It's only been 6 years that we've been away from the kids. But knowing my kids, they are in cahoots together and something will happen.

Mommy off the Record said...

What the heck? You'd think that Blogger wouldn't have released the Beta Blogger thing until they had it set up so people could leave comments. But then again, Blogger sucks butt so I guess I'm not suprised. I can't wait to switch over to Wordpress.

Hope the kids are feeling better today.

blessedmomx3 said...

Your blog has been blocking my comments, too! I've been trying to tell you Happy Anniversary, and I loved that post!

Panda said...

Yeh, when I read that you couldnt comment with your blogger username I just thought "screw you beta". I'll wait until they've got the bugs out too.


Happy Anniversary!

Lisa said...

Happy ANniversary. And Oh the barfing thing SUCKS! Eeewww. Really, really sucks! Sorry to hear that.

Kristin said...

Hope the kiddos are feeling a little less pukey today... and that Blogger catches whatever stomach bug they have... if ever a system should be punished by heavy vomit, it's blogger.

I think Wordpress is looking better and better...

Diana said...

Oh ,these kids know when you've got plans...
Happy anniversary!
*had to come back and say my word verification is "wadpoo"
Nice, huh?

Plain Jane Mom said...

Happy Anniversary, but sorry about the barf.

And comments are an 'optional feature' of a blog? Wow. Blog w/out comments... Hmmm, I think they missed the point.

One word for you: wordpress :)

Nikki said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your anniversary dinner and the sick kids.

*sending virtual valium*

sweatpantsmom said...

I haven't been tempted to leave Blogger yet, but the evidence keeps piling up. If only I wasn't so lazy...

(Happy Anniversary! Hope you get another chance at your dinner.)

tpon said...

tough hang not being able to comment... but even tougher to spend your anniversary cleaning up barf.

Moobs said...

What's that I can hear whispered on the wind? wooooooorrrrrrrddddpppprreessss

What could it mean?

wordgirl said...

This is why I moved to Typepad some time ago. Blogger is a pain in the butt and it kept flipping out on me all of the time. I lost my entire blogroll twice.

The Medium Swede said...

Just an idea. I also moved to Beta Blogger and was ticked I couldn't comment. If you you comment as other, you can leave your screen name and the web link to your blog. The only thing missing is your picture. Not perfect, but a way around. I can however comment on your blog as I am also a Beta blogger!