Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wench Meme

Per the request of Christina the Wench:

Things I Want to do Before I Die

1.) See my children grow to adulthood
2.) See my grandchildren
3.) Poop alone
4.) Get Kevin alone in a Park Ranger uniform
5.) Buy new underwear

Things I Can Not Do
1.) Wink my right eye
2.) Climb a rope or do a pull up
3.) Kill bugs
4.) Get my son to stop picking his nose
5.) Eat cake

Things I Can Do
1.) Swim butterfly
2.) Alter world wind patterns
3.) Make a clover leaf with my tongue
4.) Snort
5.) Pick items up off the floor with my toes

Things that attracted me to my husband
1.) That he yelled “EAT SOME FOOD” at a billboard of a supermodel
2.) His rippling abs and hot butt
3.) His patience
4.) His honesty and kindness
5.) His brilliant mind

Things I say most often
1.) “I’m going to count to three…”
2.) "Listen to my words…”
3.) "Did you hear my words?”
4.) "Huh? What?”
5.) "Oh, the joys.”

Books I love
1.) Their Eyes Were Watching God
2.) Pride & Prejudice
3.) Cowboys Are My Weakness
4.) Angle of Repose
5.) A Good Scent from A Strange Mountain
6.) Invisible Man
7.) A Prayer for Owen Meany
8.) The Red Tent
9.) The Shipping News
10.) The Sparrow
11.) To Kill A Mockingbird
12.) Song of Solomon

Movies I Love
1.) Princess Bride
2.) O’ Brother Where Art Thou
3.) Crash
4.) Amelie
5.) Antonia’s Line


carmachu said...

Give up on using the bathroom alone till their older. My daughter likes to watch daddy "make bubbles in the potty" when going, because its fasinating she cant do it.

And give up on picking the nose. Never gonna happen. Once they discover "digging for treasure" as we call it, they never stop. Ever.

Sayre said...

RE: Books I love #3...
Shouldn't that be "Park Rangers are My Weakness"?

Glad you're home!

Kevin Charnas said...

Great list. I think that I just fell a little bit for Kevin as well knowing that he yelled that at a billboard. That's frickin' classic.

liberalbanana said...

I agree with Kevin - great list! I hope that someday your dream of going to the bathroom alone happens for you. Ha!

Mamma said...

Great book and movie list. Many are my favorites too.

Soooo impressed that you can do the butterfly. And you can't do a pull-up? I'd think with all that butterfly strength!

Keeping my fingers crossed for your ranger fantasy--though I'm afraid if it does happen you might stop blogging and spend all your time with "the ranger."