Sunday, October 01, 2006

And I Ran, I Ran So Far Away...

I've been hearing that the fashion and style of the 1980s is coming back and I can't help but yell, "WHY, DEAR GOD, WHY?"

I was there for the leg warmers the first time. Must we go back to that scary time? I advise against it.

The 1980's was the decade I decided a permed mullet was a good idea.

I was on drugs.

Let's review...

Homecoming 1982
Does my date not look completely startled?
It is because my taffeta is so stiff and high.


Bad Girl 1983

I can't tell you what I did the night before this photo was taken because my Granny reads this, but let's just say I was naughty.

jessica flower girl 2

(Though naughty, I look remarkably unchanged from this photo taken when I was an innocent flower girl at my Aunt Nancy's wedding way back in the day...)

Jessica flower girl

Like a Virgin 1984
She wasn't a VIRGIN, she was just "LIKE" a virgin.
(I think this whole outfit was purchased at Merry Go Round.)

MTV Hair Night 1985

I am the permed mullet with the red sweater vest and brooch.
You read that right, the SWEATER VEST AND BROOCH are mine. I AM THE 1980s.


Working the Mullet 1986

Clearly all my entertainment needs were met and the mullet was still going strong.

Gumby Dammit

With Erin Somebody 1986

Looks like SOMEONE is trying to grow that mullet out!

starcourse banquet 1986 2

Summer 1986

I was a camp counselor in Maine and we dressed up on the last night.
Let's discuss the pink, leather tie belt and the rhinestone-y earrings, shall we?

Jessica Camp Mataponi

Unable to Get Over Myself 1987

Can someone send a decorator back in time?

The Kountry Kitchen look is burning my eyes.

Soph & I

I'm going up to the attic now to dig out my leggings.

Don't ask me to wear stirrup pants or I will have to slap you.

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Plain Jane Mom said...

What, no parachute pants??

blessedmomx3 said...

YOU TOTALLY ROCK for putting the pics up!!!!

But now I hate you because NOBODY was supposed to look good in the 80's OR in high school! You REALLY, REALLY SUCK! I was hoping to see some dorky pics, not Teen Magazine Queen! You look like a model, not hell from the 80's!

Hee hee! Very cute! I will most definitely never be able to post high school pics now. I have secretly been telling myself for years that all girls looked bad in high school, but you just proved me wrong! You were one of the rare cutesy girls. Probably won all the popularity contests, too.

Oh well, I'll try not to hold it against you! :D

Mama C said...

I think some of my middle schoolers raided my closet. Well, they could have if I hadn't THROWN IT ALL AWAY. Ugh! I can't believe this stuff is back in style!

It did suit you though. My hair was all permed. It stuck out from my head in every imaginable direction. Hideous!

carmachu said...

YOu were very pretty.

So what happened? *evil grin*

Seriously, very cute. I dont know why all you women are complaining about how you looked......

Momish said...

Merry Go Round! How I remember those days... You may have a mullet but at least it isn't in shades of purple! Some of us were doing the punk thing during the 80's. Rebels without a cause. You look adorable in those photos!

Lisa said...

I did the broach thing too. And tried for big hair but fell a bit short. But it still looked bad.

But hey, we were YOUNG. (At least that's the excuse I use. heehee)

Her Bad Mother said...

Oh my god, those pictures were the highlight of my weekend, TOTALLY FER SHUR.

Sandra Miller said...

Fabulous photos!

But now, the song I couldn't get of my head since reading your last post-- of that damn sparrow -- has been replaced by A Flock of Seagulls...

Waya said...

Wow Jessica! You looked marvelous in those pix, sooo pretty and all. Yup, I remember the brooch. I had a few. Man! The 80's, can someone erase it from fashion history?

Mommy off the Record said...

Man, you look just like Deborah Winger in that Gumbi shot.

(btw, I've been told I look like Deborah Winger before myself. I take it as a compliment, which is how I intend it. You gorgeous, girl. Even in those horrid 80s clothes!)

Sayre said...

I actually kind of liked stirrup pants. They made putting boots on so much easier!!! So I guess I wouldn't mind seeing THOSE back again.

urban-urchin said...

I hate to tell you but according to a recent trend seminar, STIR-UP PANTS ARE COMING BACK! Frightening. Just frightening. It was bad enough back in the 80's.

I believe the general rule is if you wore the trend the first time around don't do it the second...

Domestic Chicky said...

You were adorable, even in the mullet...

Kevin Charnas said...

oh my god, you just gave me flashbacks. those pics were AWESOME! i loved them! and you actually looked like my ex-fiancee did in high school...and well...I thought she was hot.

bring back the music, let the rest die. remember head-bands too?

and Erin Somebody? Didn't she perform with Prince?

mothergoosemouse said...

Do you know who you look like in these photos? Remember Molly Ringwald's record store co-worker, how she went on the straight and narrow at the end - all decked out and beautiful?