Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Costumes of Yore

Send in the Clowns... there ought to be clowns...

Jessica Clown

Nancy Sinatra
"These Boots are made for walkin'..."

Nancy Sinatra

I don't seem to have any more photos of my childhood costumes.
My parents were fine, upstanding citizens of the 70's... and they took slides.
(Want to come over and see my family slide show? Heh.)

Because I was just out of school, gainlessly unemployed and without resources, I made these silly costumes my own self. As lame as they are, you can not begin to imagine how sch-sch-schmashed you can get behind one of those masks without anyone really knowing.
Schuper schmashed!
Oh, yesh.



I am the lame Jester.
Note Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo from
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in the back row surrounded by a harem. How about the New Year's Baby?! Or Akbar!

Halloween 1992ish

Hari Krishna!
We had tambourines!
We had ankle bells!

We gave out pamphlets!
(Okay, so the pamphlets were stolen from Winn Dixie and instructed readers about the best methods for cooking ham or picking melons...
...but did I mention we gave out pamphlets?!)

We ended up on a stage at a warehouse party doing a

miraculously syncronized (yeah, right. As if.) dance routine
to Bob Marley's Exodus...
The gal with the yellow tam
bourine was last seen rolling around on a couch furiously making out with a guy dressed like a Catholic Priest.

Halloween Hari Krishna

My friend Pony Girl made my Pocahontas costume complete with papoose.
(Super dooper politically correct, non?)
See the hick in the straw hat in the back row?
That is my friend Maffy Duck.
He is from England.
He likes loves to dress like a hick when he visits the U.S.A.
Yes. He. Does.

Right Maff?

Halloween 1993ish

This is a Dead show.
Or the Age of Aquarious.
Or Something.
I appear to be Waiting for the Sun.

Dead Show

Pony Girl really gave it her all in 1994.
As usual, she made hers, mine and everyone's costume.
BY A SHARK (awesome) and I was Shiva the Destroyer.
Sadly, at the lame Halloween party we attended people kept asking me alternately if I was the Mahatma Rice Girl or the M&M Candy Girl.
Can't you see that I'm part of the Hindu Trimurti!
(Note to sensitive, PC, new-age types: Hindu friends gave their express consent and approval of this costume in advance of its creation.)

Halloween 1994ish 2

Thrift Store Surprise!

(With recycled mask)
Pony Girl moved to the Bay Area and it shows.

halloween cowboy 3

Imperial Fez Person.
Pony Girl! Return anon!


K and I as The Fonz and Pinky Tuscadero.
(That is a wig, okay?! Seriously.)
I went to a party and none of my friends recognized me.

pinky and fonzy

...and here is how your man will continue to look for eight consecutive days after using pomade to get that Fonzy look.
Talk about being in a "
tight spot."

During her visit, Grandma Seattle suggested that this year
my Halloween costume should reflect my life in the here and now.
So I got
yellow sweatpants and a yellow shirt
and I'm sewing on two small felt P's.
Because I'm "covered in baby pee pee."

Oh, The Joys.

Happy Halloween!


Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

I'd say that PP costume deserves a lot of candy. Great costumes through the years. Impressive, woman!


cmhl said...

how FUN!!! I especially like the buddist monks costumes, those are GREAT.

Sandra Miller said...

Fabulous costumes!

mad muthas said...

oh dear - it's downhill all the way from here - i just know it!

slackermommy said...

Great costumes! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.

Momish said...

Fantastic costumes! Happy Halloween!

wendy boucher said...

Love the Krishnas. I wanted Hubby and I to dress up as Salvadore Dali and a Llama so that we could be the Dali Llama. It didn't happen, darn.

Kristin said...

Now the PP costume is something I would like to see... take photos!!

Kevin Charnas said...

Um...yeah...Pinky? How is it that you think that I'M your hero? You're fantastic! I mean it. But you were my hero before. I love, LOVE that you LOVE Halloween as much as we do.

And Pony Girl's talent? Damn...she rocks too.


Christina_the_wench said...


S. said...

Too Funny! There will be pictures right?!

Rhea said...

Cool pics. I was Nancy Sinatra, too. But when I was, like, 38.

Ponygirl said...

I've been outed, and over my Halloween costume skills! Where did you get that shark picture, man? We sure have had some fun halloween times. Tonight I'm hot android girl of the future -- I'm an expensive metal companion, baby, my skin is made of solid gold. Party at my place. Come over and hand out some can-day!

Pendullum said...

Love the costumes... PInky and da Fonz...
Classic !!!
One year I dressed up as my husband...
And every single one of his friends guessed who I was...
and last year I dressed up as my kid...
everyone guessed who I was...
this year...
I think I will dress up as a hangover...

Girl In Her Underwear said...

HI-larious! I love your idea for this year's costume! Is your hubby just going to throw on his shirt covered in vomit? Please take pics! :)

Domestic Goddess said...

I guess he didn't use Dapper Dan.

lilfeathers2000 said...

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Matt Bell said...

I believe you have more than one photo of me as a hill billy. I think, deep down,I really want to be one. I must dash, y'all, as I'm off to my banjo lesson.
Maffy Duck.

Waya said...

OMG! You had such an awesomely fun life! And you looked good bald, not too many people can achieve that look! Way to go.

queenbadmama said...

Omigod-Pinky Tuscadero? YOU are TOTALLY my new best friend.

queenbadmama said...

And you were totally doing the hand thing for the picture too....you so rock.

Megan said...

Thanks for the retrospective of the joys of halloween!
I love your idea for this year.. am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

I have to tell you, I read you on my lunch hour at work and you never fail to make me laught out loud.. in fact my co-workers are ready to add you to their bloglines because of my daily reaction. So this is to say thanks, because without your daily injection of humour, I would be.. well.. not amused at work!

Mrs. T said...

Love the costumes, and thanks for the added picture bonus.
My most favorite Halloween costume was the year I went as dry-cleaning. I bought a funky old lady dress at a thrift store, put a dry cleaning bag over it, with my head sticking out the top, of course, stuck a hanger in the back and a number on the front. Voila.
LOVED the Hindu Trimurti costume. Loved. It.My daughters have a rubber finger puppet of Gonesh- I think I may have to steal it from them.

Alice in Wonderbread said...

Krishna idea: HI-larious!!! Oh man. That is just too classic.