Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thou Shalt Not...Oops!

Awhile back, The Mayor's favorite thing to say was, "Oh my GOD!"

We convinced him that the phrase was "Oh my GOSH!" and he has made the shift.

He still says it a lot, but thankfully he uses gosh instead of God saving his father and I from embarrassing encounters here in the
Bible belt.

Last night, I was undressing Rooster Girl for her bath and whipped her diaper off (
rather too cavalierly) only to realize that she had, um, left an undetected deposit.

Poo poo galore!

[...something about every day being the same...]

I think I might have gasped in surprise and said, "Oh my GOD!"
which is a really tame thing to say given my options.


Piqued, The Mayor asked, "What did you said mommy?"

"I said, oh my GOSH! Rooster has a poopy diaper."

[wipe sweat from brow. you have escaped toddler detection of taking THE LORD's name in vain and
are super kick-ass mommy.]

After handing Rooster off to K for her bath I
called back to The Mayor,

"In just a second it's going to be your turn to take your clothes off and get ready for the bath."

I could HEAR his eyes rolling as he called back,


Saints preserve us.


Christina_the_wench said...


*giggles loudly*

Melissa said...

Ha! We have the same problem still. I don't care if they say God, Jesus, Jebus, Lordy...but people in public sure do care.

I LOVE that this is the image of Jesus you chose. I always thought this was a bit creepy, since he has those "come hither" Anglo-Saxon eyes that I so don't expect on a supposedly chaste savior normally tacked to old ladies' walls.

Momish said...

LOL! It does seem useless to even try at times, doesn't it? They are always one step ahead.

mothergoosemouse said...

That pic of Jesus looks like he is wearing a crewneck t-shirt with some sort of retro-emo silkscreen.

Despite our heathen status, we discourage Tacy from saying "God" or "Jesus" as a negative exclamation. It just doesn't seem right. Kyle will probably start teaching her to say "Zeus" or "Apollo" instead.

Mona said...

This reminds me that I need to stop swearing. Also, my mom had about seven copies of that Jesus photo framed in our house. His eyes always followed me. Kinda creepy.

queenbadmama said...

I'm currently trying to replace "Jee-sus Christ!" with "Cheese-and Crackers!". But it's not going so well.

But I'm a potty-mouthed mama anyway, so we're working on doing a lot of replacing in my house...

Diana said...

We tried saying "Cheese and Rice" and have failed...but I feel you'll be telling Mr. Mayor to say "geez" instead, how funny what these kids pick up from us...which is EVERYTHING!

Plain Jane Mom said...

It is so hard finding the replacement outbursts when the originals are so satisfying to say... When I say "oh gosh darnit!" it does nothing for me.

I swear (ha) that if I could use the words I want to my parenting would be so much more relaxed. Of course, only until I brought the kids out into public...

Waya said...

That's too cute! Almost busted!! My 3.5 y/o has been saying that a lot too but he does it with such drama in his tone that it just makes me laugh, like a version of the Valley Girls.

Maybe I should start saying "oh my Buddha" and see what he says.

MrsFortune said...

Yeah, try the whole Cheese and Rice thing ... I usually say "Christ on a Cracker" but that's probably not okay, either, huh? Um, at least they're not technically swear words!

Jonathon said...

I'm always half-temped to INSTRUCT Little-E to do stuff like this, just for fun.

I got the big, hairy, "don't you DARE" eyeball from Lady-A the other day when I thought it might be funny to adopt the word "bitchin" instead of "awesome" around the house.

You know, just because a cute little toddler saying "bitchin!" is almost as funny as one that says "JEE-SUS".

Karen said...

*chuckle* Anytime I say anything remotely offensive my kids pick up on it right away - particularly my 4-year-old. She always asks "What did you say Mommy?" as though she didn't quite catch it, so I almost always come up with something else - or I simply tell her that Mommy said a bad word, and what I should've said -- the more honest approach I suppose. It's amazing on how quick these kids are!

lynsalyns said...

Yeaaaahhhh. I said the F word uner my breath (or so I thought) at one of Shampoo Banana's many, many four way stops to the person who was waving everyone on in front of me.

Emmie said it for an hour.

Then, my husband told me that Hooter's supposedly has the best wings here and she said "Hooters" for an hour.

I can just see pre-school now.

Domestic Chicky said...

I thought we had done pretty good with this until my 3 year old stubbed his toe in the other room, and I heard him mutter quite loudly "motherfuck". Oy...

slackermommy said...

There's a lot of OMG's at my house too. It just flows easier than gosh.

Kevin Charnas said...

LOL!! I'm telling you, the Mayor needs to be President. I love that kid.

Marcie said...

Leave it to a toddler to let you know the "naughty" phrase you use most. After Ruby said God Damn it a few times I realized it was time for some self censoring.
Egads, it's been hard!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

Too funny.

I love that it was appropriately used. I'd say indicates excellent verbal ability.


Mama G said...

Funny! I have an aunt who regularly said "Oh, shit" before my son was born. She's trained herself to say "snickerdoodles" instead. But there's something about a grown adult saying "snickerdoodles" that is just.plain.wrong!!

pendlerpiken said...

Hahaha :)
It's hard to be a mom in the Bible Belt, obviously :)

Yummy London Mummy said...


The sins of the fathers, etc.

Firstborn having recently started at a church school has meant that I have had to mend my ways when it comes to blasphemy. I though I was doing quite well until one shameful Sunday morning at church when she piped up, "Mummy, 'my God' sounds just like 'Oh my God'!" And she was so pleased with her own cleverness that she repeated it three times. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't chosen to say it as the priest was preparing the host and the entire church was maintaining a reverent silence. I hadn't realised until that moment quite how echoey churches can be. Or that Firstborn's headmistress was sitting two rows behind us.

My Catholic credibility is in tatters.