Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Cancelled Cats, Firemen & Darwin

The Mayor was going to be a cat for Halloween.

I had a hand-me-down cat costume and I was ready.

Friday I really looked at the cat costume only to realize it was about 2 sizes too small for The Mayor.

Oh, yes. I am Rocking Good Mommy. So on top of my mommy game!


What now?

What is easy? What is in his room?

Fire Fighter Hat.


I stopped at Salvation Army on my way home from a meeting and scored a pair of very nice boots that The Mayor can wear all winter, a Children's Place anorak (complete with FLAMES up one sleeve) and a red, long-sleeve t-shirt.

All for $4.80.

I am Universal, Undisputed Queen of the Thrift Store!!


I give you, THE FIREMAN!


The Mayor has been slavishly married to this horrid, nearly falling apart pair of tennis shoes for months. They are so trashed that they are peeling. They stink. He WILL NOT wear any other shoes. But lo, behold the Fire Boots.

I said, "Mayor. I bought you some FIRE BOOTS today."

Apparently it's all about CONTEXT.

I am Universal, Undisputed World's Smartest Mommy!

But wait, what's this?

The Constipated Fireman

Is The Mayor constipated?

Fireman, do you need to go potty?

Fireman! Please do not make a poopy in your FIRE BOOTS!


The Mayor was a bit nervous at first. The whole idea of walking outside in the dark and knocking on strangers doors freaked his little self out.


However, an hour and a bag full of booty later, The Mayor was feeling smug.

Mother of The Fireman

Check out some of his haul and his skittle filled, soon-to-be dentures!

Happy Haul

Rooster Girl refused to wear a costume.

She rode around the hood in a backpack and kicked back with an 8-ounce relying on the family SHARING policy to meet her Halloween candy needs.

Ruby Milk Face 2

She's resourceful. I'll give her that.

And here's a random Halloween self-portrait. Sorta.

Halloween Self Portrait

We're lucky the whole house didn't burn down. We were just too lazy to go out and buy those little pumpkin-y candles and, as you can see, we have giant dining room table-ish candles in those pumpkins.

Pass me a Darwin Award will ya?

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!


Sayre said...

What a good, resourceful Mommy you are! The Mayor looks terrific as a fireman.

My son was a fireman two years in a row, before he inexplicably became terrified of fire. Now he won't even think about fireman costumes and he ducks under the table at the hibachi restaurant!

Sarah said...

I got up this morning and went outside and my pumpkin candle is still burning. It's a regular old scented candle. In a little jar. Seems to work pretty well. I tried to blow it out without moving the pumpkin and I couldn't. Guess it'll have to burn itself out...

Momish said...

How adorable is he! And her! And you! Can't take it. Too much cuteness and adorableness on the day of the dead! I love the look on his face in that one photo!

I am in awe of your resourcefullness!

Lotta said...

We just slapped an Old Navy apron with a picture of a skeleton on my son's coat. Poof - you're dressed!

He got candy. Perfect night.

Christina_the_wench said...

Impressive. And I LOVE to see that Rooster Girl cares not one bit about that drool thingy in that photo. Good for her!

Sandra Miller said...

That was some fine last minute creative costuming.

Impressive, indeed.

Ours was not quite so last minute -- as of Sunday, my 11-yr-old son was to be a "dead hippy," until he found all of the hippy wigs at the costume shop to be a bit too "girly."

I suggested he go out as an ER doc (after spotting a $10 pair of scrubs). He immediately nixed the idea.

But then I said "a bloody ER doc."

That's all he needed to hear.

Girl In Her Underwear said...

WONDERFUL!!! But I'm bummed that I didn't see your "covered in baby pee" outfit. :)

Mamma said...

I love that he left the hat on the whole time! We went through two costumes--even though Mr. 4 insisted for weeks that he had to be Darth Vader. One look at a big kid dressed in the same costume and he was all of the sudden too scary. And while mamma was resourceful enough to pull together a cowboy costume to match the neighbor's, Mr. 4 refused to wear the had since I had worn it on the beach--therefore it was NOT a cowboy hat it was a beach hat. I have to hand it to him. He sticks to his guns (bad pun!!).

Island Spice said...

I think I could roll with Rooster Girl... Thank goodness for the sharing policy!
and yes.. seems you are the best mommy in the world! :) [after mine of course..]

Kevin Charnas said...

The mayor looks awesome! Such a handsome fellow. And Rooster Girl? Who needs a costume when you're a walking, talking example of kick-ass beauty? For a minute, I thought that the top of her bottle in that pic was her flipping me off.

Island Spice said...

ps. wanna see a $500 USD Fireman costume?? Check out very popular for Carnival 2007. They may need ur help next time :P

wendy boucher said...

Love the costume, oh Queen of Thrift. What a little hero.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the adorable pics of the Mayor and Rooster. Love Grandma Seattle.

Mel said...

Dude. That was brilliant. Nice quick thinking!
Also, I know you know this already, but the Girl Child? Looks SO MUCH LIKE YOU.
It trips me out.
(Pretty self-portrait, BTW.)

Domestic Goddess said...

excellent job on saving the costume!

Michelle said...

Ooh, how very cute! Quick thinking with the change of costume!

jen said...

how perfect are the both of them (and their lovely mum). loved the recap.

mad muthas said...

ingenius AND a bargain! who could ask for more. truly, you are the queen of mummies! just hope the kids won't puke all night after all those sweeties ...

Mrs. T said...

Your kids are sooo cute! Rooster's eyes look to be a lovely shade of green.
Gotta love the thrift store save.

MrsFortune said...

Wow, you produce some nice looking offspring! "Kicked back with an 8-ounce." That's terrific.

you are supermom, that's for sure!

Lisa said...

Your little ones are ADOREABLE!

Mommy off the Record said...

Love the Mayor's fireman costume. VERY resourceful of you!

And the self-portrait pumpkin is gerat. I can totally see it.

Mommy off the Record said...

oops. hello! that should have been "great". There I go blogging drunk again. soryr. i mean, sorry!

Stephanie T. said...

What an adorable fireman and costume-less Rooster girl. And you, my dear, are gorgeous!

carmachu said...

Nice job there tex.....

lynsalyns said...

Your daughter looks JUST like you. Also, when I go to the Salvation Army I never find anything that good. Must be my neighborhood!

cmhl said...

ohhhh, they are both so cute!!!!!! Love the constipated fireman, and your daughter's eyes are gorgeous..