Sunday, November 05, 2006


Is this for real? Where can I score some?


Do you get headaches?

Does your stomach sometimes hurt?

Do you ever feel sad?

Do you suffer from a general lack of faith in humanity?

Ask your doctor about:

for comprehensive healing

From the marketing geniuses that brought you
flow-naze and loonestra.

Possible side effects may include: absolute faith; judgement; manna; stigmata; water walking, parting or turning into wine; coming of wise men; speaking in tongues; far-right political leanings; re-birth; cravings for thin wafers; television evangelism; and eternal salvation.


Virtualsprite said...

I love this. It totally reminds me of the saint cards my overly religious co-worker leaves for me. Is that wrong?

Momish said...

Turning water into wine? Where can I sign up for some?

Mrs. T said...

this is absolutley hysterical! I would go nicely with my "wash away your sins" hand soap.

Mommy off the Record said...

LOL. Sign me up!

wordgirl said...

I'm with Momish. I'd like an easy way to get wine out of the tap.

Jenny said...


You're cracking me up here.

Christina_the_wench said...

SO many things I could type here... bahwhahahaha

Sayre said...

When I was in my teens, my youth group voted on who was "most like Christ". I won!

Boy... are we in trouble....