Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More Tales of the Mundane

I am usually at a loss about how to entertain the 1-2 year old set, but K always comes up with unusual things they love.

He's taken them to the train switching yard where they watch the big engines fuel up.

He discovered that the little airport for charter flights has a viewing stand with a playground.

Last night, he took us to a
nearby women's college basketball team home game.

The Mayor and Rooster Girl were fascinated with the mascot, the game buzzer, the whizzing of the ball and the $1.00 boxes of popcorn.

Rooster was so into the $1.00 popcorn,
in fact, that she kept one hand in the box throughout the game.

If you tried to get a handful for yourself she
gave you a STERN look, used her free hand to pull yours out and yelled, "NO!"

Overall, the game was a huge hit and a great change of pace from our dull routine here at the House of Joy where every day is the same.

Once again, K shoots and SCORES!

Before the game we went out for Sushi because The Mayor and his mom are giant, sushi pigs.

When we eat sushi, The Mayor asks me to scrape all the "teeny, tiny eggs" off my sushi and feed it to him with chopsticks.

And I do it.

That is love.

At the restaurant, The Mayor yelled, "POOPY COMING!" so I whisked him away to the potty.

Though he was straining, grunting and red in the face, he managed to look up at me with a conspiratorial smile and in a throaty whisper say,


Oh, the honor, the privilege, the joy.


Tabba said...

I'm so glad that I can pop in here in the morning, barely dressed, disgruntled about the fact that the whole, long day lay ahead of me - and I leave with a good, hearty laugh & a huge smile on my face!
That Mayor of yours is priceless!!

The Medium Swede said...

The mayor and I would get along famously!

Mamma said...

I love that boy!!!

Moobs said...

When he's readu for a few inhibitions send him to stay with us here in the UK.

Penny said...

Oee is also endlessly intrigued with her poop. Good Job, OTJ! No anal-retention there. And, exquisitly funny.

mothergoosemouse said...

Those splashes are so satisfying.

Lotta said...

You are clearly a kickass mom. When are you coming back to the Midwest?

jen said...

i heart K.

you two together - insurmountable joy.

i love coming here.

Lisa said...

you make a great team. and wow, a boy who loves sushi. gotta love that. I looooooooooooooerve sushi. could eat it for every meal.


sweatpantsmom said...

I think that the Mayor is going to be a big-time movie director someday.

Two Knives said...

He eats Sushi??? I can't get my 4-year-old past peanut butter. Wow.

Sayre said...

Your K and my Darling Man have similar approaches to child entertainment. I don't know how he comes up with the stuff he does.

Hurray for sushi and big splashes!

Jennifer said...

Awww, that's cute - sushi and a big splash! (sigh) I'm still awaiting the day my 3-year old tells me that he's ready for the porcelain god. As of now he promises to tell me when he's got the urge, or even when he's actually gone, but the only thing that brings me close is the oh-so-tell-tale scent.

Cute site , first time here. I'll be back!

Lisa said...

That's SO cool that he loves sushi. So impressive. And what a cool idea for a night out. Will have to try that too.

Girl In Her Underwear said...

AWWWW! What a precious daddy! I'm so jealous that he's potty trained and mine are not. I guess I need to start trying again. (I just realized that sounds like I'm jealous your husband is potty trained...which I am not, but I would be if my husband were still crapping in his pants. You can bet your life on that one.)

Anyhoo, I just wanted you to know that my children are really entertained by your blog when I read it to them in my story telling voice. It puts their demands on hold while I finish reading. Ha ha!

Kevin Charnas said...

I'm telling you, me - you - and that mayor were best friends in a previous life. There is NOTHING like sushi and good long as it doesn't get me in the hole.