Monday, November 06, 2006

Moving Heathen and Earth

Drinking the last of his sippy cup, The Mayor looked up at me and said,

"Mommy, where is hell?"

As I've talked about before here, K and I don't attend church on Sunday mornings because of the similarities between the shifting of the tectonic plates and K's decision making process about his issues with the Catholic Church.

I couldn't imagine where The Mayor heard the word "hell" nor could I think of how to answer.

The Mayor and I had just come from a party... a dear friend was ordained and we attended both the service and the reception that followed. Perhaps The Mayor overheard grown ups at the reception saying that someone was "going to hell."

Nah... that would be too ironic.

I have no idea where he heard about hell or going there.

But what was I supposed to say? How should I have answered him?

Having not yet introduced him to religion, I knew that a real explanation would send him (and subsequently me) deep, deep into The Land of Why.

The Mayor is two and a half. I don't want to go to The Land of Why.

[I shudder at the mere mention of the word "why."]

Eventually K helped out and we told The Mayor that hell was Daytona Beach a place that was really, really hot with a lot of fire and that one of God's fallen angels lived there.

The Mayor simply said, "Oh" and popped the sippy cup back in his mouth.

Praise be to EVERY God of EVERY religion.

[A visit to The Land of Why miraculously postponed! Sweet!]

But K and I talked (again) about the role church could play in our lives. It could: provide a greater sense of community; (provide an hour of adult conversation while the children are in the church playroom); offer a place where we could explore our own questions and challenges related to faith; (entertain our children for an hour); etc.

... and hark, what's that sound?

No, not the herald angels singing, but a huge land mass shifting in the magma...

We agreed to try going to church next weekend.


At least not next week.

We definitely WON'T be heathens next week.

But maybe the week after...

I should add that when K and I made the agreement to go to church, The Mayor again pulled the sippy cup from his lips and, with great incredulousness, said,

"Is DADDY going to try to go to church?!"



queenbadmama said...

Sounds rather familiar. I like how, when we drive by a church, my kids will go "Look at that castle!"

Waya said...

I just read a really good post from Misha and wanted to share with you.

Sayre said...

We don't go to church either. Every once in a while, my husband or I will get the urge, but it passes quickly.

Plain Jane Mom said...


Not my favorite sound... Glad you got to postpone that for another day!

Lisa said...

Gah. The questions have started for you all already! I think you did a great job of explaining!

S. said...

We had the "church" conversation when we found out I was pregnant.
I didn't care either way, although I'm not overly religious.
J made a point that he wants K to have some religious background to help him learn right/wrong, etc.
We don't go every week, maybe 2x a month. Although this month it may be once - thanks to the plague going around our home! *snark*

Diana said...

You know, for a second there I thought The Mayor was going to ask if K was going to hell...

Let us know how the experience is.

Moobs said...

God and I want you to know how happy we are for you.

By the way hell is situated in Butlins Holiday Cmap, Clacton on Sea, Essex.

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

whoa. I think he is very advanced. am totally serious. i have a two and a half year old and those questions feel very far off in the future (cross fingers).


lynsalyns said...

We used to do church. Then we had a toddler.

Girl In Her Underwear said...

Woo hoo! It's worth giving it another shot. I tried the belief-o-matic when I was going through my identity crisis and questions about my faith, and even the belief-o-matic didn't know what to tell me!

Anyway, getting back on track in church has helped. I hope it goes well for you guys. There's something for everybody out there. And since your kids are used to being around other kids, they won't get a virus every time you take them in public like mine do! Godd luck--I'm leaving that because it was totally a typo that was probably some Freudian slip. Ha ha! God luck!

Heather said...

I think a lot of families face this same dilemma. While we have finally found a church where I actually feel like I am getting something out of going, there are some Sundays when it takes all I have to fight the urge to just be lazy! Seriously, I hope you find a place that fosters an appreciation for religion.

Sandra Miller said...

We're not church-goers, either.

But there have been times -- especially since having kids -- when I've wished we belonged to one for exactly the reason you mention in your earlier post-- the community.

Problem is, we haven't really come across a church -- or religion, for that matter -- that felt right (my husband and I were raised Catholic, and I'm afraid that was enough for both of us).

I'll be interested to read about your upcoming experience.

Momish said...

I cannot go into the church thing! But, so glad you were able to put off the why!

urban-urchin said...

The Mayor is one smart cookie.

We attend church weekly, for the reasons you mentioned faith, community and for a reality check (it's not all about me- Who knew???)

I think the big struggle is finding a church that feels like home. Good luck.