Saturday, November 18, 2006

Ride 'Em Pilgrims!

Last night in the tub The Mayor flipped a bucket up on its end, sat on it, announced that he was "Farmer Tim" and that he was going to take me on a hay ride.

"Climb on!" he yelled, then started the tractor engine and showed me around his farm.

We passed the cows, the pigs and the the chickens.


When we got to the horses
Farmer Tim asked me if I wanted to ride them.

"Of course," I told him.

"Alright," he said. "Put a horse up under your butt, Mommy."

I did as I was told and got a horse, you know, up under there.

"What are the horse's names?" I asked.

"Well," Farmer Tim said, "my horse is named is Cowboy Horse Ass."

Oh. My. Gosh.

[The Hallmark Moments.

I guess "Giddy up Cowboy Horse Ass!!!" does have a kind of ring to it...

"What is my horse's
name?" I asked.

"Your horse is named Cow Zit."

Excellent choice.

High Ho and Away Cow Zit!

"And what is Daddy's horse called?"

"Daddy's horse is named Nauseous."


------And now for a blog announcement -----

The Family of Joy will be riding Cowboy Horse Ass, Cow Zit and Nauseous off into the sunset
to conduct a series of important scientific experiments that will unfortunately keep us away from the blogosphere for the duration of the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Experiment A:
Parenting While Under The Influence
(of large doses of Tryptophan delivered through turkey meat.)

Scientific Question To Be Addressed:
How many hours can be spent using
"The Horizontal Parenting Method" also known as
"The Parenting from the Couch while Eating Pecan Pie Technique."
(and will said pecan pie lead to a return of The Lady Flabina?)

Experiment B:
Parental Invisibility and Sneak-Offitude

Scientific Question To Be Addressed:
What is the maximum number of hours per day that The Mayor and Rooster Girl can be foisted off on entertained and cared for by Grandma Seattle and Aunt Nancy while the King and Queen of Joy get up to no good?

Count on The House of Joy to regale you with more tales of the mundane
when posting resumes next week.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your Pilgrim friends!

Giddy up Cowboy Horse Ass!
Go Cow Zit!
Let's ride, Nauseous!


Iris/Rissy said...

The Mayor is quite the percocious child. That is my word of the day, percocious, since I wrote about my own percocious little fellow today. As for the Junk in the Trunk, I am definitely with you there. Though, I think I could definitely over shadow two corn tortillas on EACH cheek.

jen said...

How old is he again? Genius.

and you, woman..had me on the floor. drooling, even. you are than funny.

urban-urchin said...

I think I am in love with the Mayor- Cowboy Horse Ass and Cow Zit are the best horse names ever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Stephanie T. said...

Ha ha! The Mayor is quite a character, no? Very creative fellow!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, my 39-year-old, MILF-y sister.

Momish said...

Your son is a riot. Can't wait to here all about the sneak-offitude! Have a great holiday!

Penny said...

Have a wonderful time! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Can't wait to hear about your experiments!

Sayre said...

Yay, family holidays!!!! Hope you and K get to sneak off early and often, that the horses bring you back safe and sound. With names like that, they probably won't be able to get jobs anywhere else....

Mrs. T said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm sure that The Mayor will provide you with countless stories that are turkey-related. Enjoy gettin' up to no good!

MrsFortune said...

I'm sure your research will be published in the journal "Nature," right? It would be a shame to let such interesting information go to waste. :0)

And I so wish my kid talked. My blog would be so much better ... sigh, guess I'll have to wait.

Heather said...

Too funny! Kids with imagination rock.

Lisa said...

Your son and mine could get together and buy a farm. (Seth wants to grow up to be a farmer somday. That and a daddy.)

The other day he said, "Hey mom, let's play bad guys and farmers. You be the bad guy and I'll be the farmer."

MommyWithAttitude said...

Oh my GOD I am cracking up!

And I'm a big fan of couch parenting... so happy pie eating!

Mommy off the Record said...

That Mayor never fails to entertain! I bet you'll have more great stories to tell after Thanksgiving. Have a nice holiday!

Irene said...


Moobs said...

Your boy is God's gift to bloggers.

Kristin said...

I just love the Mayor...

Happy Thanksgiving, House of Joy!

Jess Riley said...

Brilliant child. I want one just like him. Seriously.

Have a great Thanksgiving week!

Girl In Her Underwear said...

Ha ha! This made me laugh out loud! Impressive considering my throbbing headache, but it just makes me giggle that so many of your conversations with the Mayor sound like a Mad Libs sheet where you insert random nouns and adjectives into an otherwise normal conversation. Hee hee!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa Goldstein/Kelly Kelly said...

He is too much! What a cutie. Have a fantastic week! And yay science!


wordgirl said...

Hey...doesn't Rooster Girl get a horse? Happy Thanksgiving!

Izzy said...

Holy shit! That's hilarious! Definitely one for the old scrapbook.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you succeed in sneak offitude!

Kevin Charnas said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Pretty Lady...and ya' bunch of pilgrims... (in my best John Wayne impression)

Christina_the_wench said...

Did I read pecan pie?????? *perks and drools*

The Medium Swede said...

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving. TSK and I are thankful that we found your wonderful blog and very happy to consider you and "e"-friend!

wendy boucher said...

You sooo have my Thanksgiving day beat. We have to ride in a car. No fancy ass horsies for us guys. Have a great time!

Starrlight said...

That kid is a riot. Have a great Turkey Day!

Mamma said...

We'll miss you!!

Have fun slacking!!!

mothergoosemouse said...

Oh my god, I am HOWLING at Cowboy Horse Ass...I wouldn't have been able to deliver an admonishment either. Too busy laughing my Cowboy Horse Ass off.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, horses included.

Marcie said...

Your son ensures that there is never a dull moment around your house!
Good luck with your experiment. Sounds fun. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

hautemama said...

Born to entertain!! Happy Thanksgiving....YEEHAW!!!

Heather said...

This post had me giggling out loud! I love to hear the musings of children! TOO FUNNY!