Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Fact I Hang Out with My Best Friend's Husband

Okay, okay.

So I’m a hypocrite and a liar.

I said I wouldn’t / don’t / won’t hang out with your husband, right?

Well, mea culpa.

K was out of town for the weekend, so what did I do?

I went and got all WILD with some husbands.

I ran into my friend Michele's husband and their children at the park.

Aaron had given Michele the afternoon off and was at the playground with another Dad and his kids.

[Count with me now... one, two. Two dads.]

When I overheard Aaron ask the other Dad if he wanted to mojametize to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner, do you know what I said?

Was it,

“May I join you?”


Was it,

“Would you mind if I tagged along?”


Was it,

“I’ll go.”


[Shameless HUSSY!!!]

Aaron looked at me oddly.

“What? What is it?” he said.

He thought I said his son's name and scanned the playground for him.

“I'll go to the restaurant,” I repeated.

“Oh! Okay!” he said, trying to hide his surprise.

It was Sunday night, K's plane was delayed, I'd been on my own with the short and loud people for days...

What choice did I have but to
muscle my way in to their Man-Date?

Poor Dads, really...

I mean re-fried beans and The Mighty Wind?

Not so good together.

[And poor me too because Oh, The EFFING POINTS!!]


As a side note – on the recommendation of commenters I did rent and watch the movie Little Children.

I think much of it was lost on me because I fixated on Jackie Earle Haley, the actor who played the guy with the psycho-s*xual disorder.

I kept thinking about his peformance as the
older, tough kid in the original, 1976 Bad News Bears movie.

While Kate Winslet and her stay at home dad friend were going porno in her attic I was remembering an elementary school crush I had on the Bad News Bear named Tanner.

Lawsy Mama!


And since today is officially "I have nothing meaningful to write about Tuesday"....

Hello? Mary Campbell’s friend Allison?

Are you reading this-a-here blog?

Sister, you need to invite me over to your house so I can buy up some of those upside-down sweater skirts that you make.

Ya hear me?!!


furiousBall said...

I've got Little Children atop my stack of to be watched DVDs. Now that it's been established that Kate gets bizzay in the film, it shall be watched tonight.

MrsWaltz said...

I used to have a thing for Tanner, too (come on, the kid had attitude AND a uniform. Plus I was 6.)Until I went to Young Life camp in Colorado and discovered that one of our counselors? Was Toby (from the original BNB!) I immediately decided I liked him better.

Sandra said...


But that is why we love you.

sam said...

Why is it that I get a twitch when I hear (or read) that a dad "gave the mom time off" and takes care of his own children? *twitch, twitch*

And yes. Total HUSSY!

Bright side? At least you didn't beg one of them to wear the Park Ranger outfit....

Tami W. said...

Jackie Earle Hailey has a bit part in the new Will Farrell movie...and he is one un-attractive dude.

I, too, had a crush on Tanner.

moosh in indy. said...

So do man dates with a side of girl still only revolve around talk of sports, work and politics?
I'm dying to know.

Loralee Choate said...

Little Children was one of the few books that I wanted to hurl across the room, jump up and down on and then burn into little, tiny bits.

(I think all this translates into "I didn't really care for it".)

I couldn't even watch the movie and I love me some Kate Winslet.

Rosie said...

You had no choice at all. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Good for you!!

April said...

Just tell their wives you did it to keep the guys out of trouble :)

Hey, they might buy it!

motherbumper said...

BNB rocked - haven't watched Little Children yet - I'll add it to the list.


Corgimom said...

I'm with Sam, why is it a "gift" for a dad to parent for a few hours? Because dads aren't really parents?

Other than Jackie's performanc in LC I didn't find much to recommend it.

For me it was Totally Tatum (sorry Tanner).

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

J, you ignorant slut.


Angela said...

If you are a hussy, I don't even want to know what I am. I went to breakfast with a friend's husband...once. And? He drove.

Aliki2006 said...

Good for you! That's some gumption, I'll tell you...

Sayre said...

I need to find the ORIGINAL "Bad News Bears". ZBoy is in Little League now and I thought it would be fun to click on the one that was on the other night. Billy Bob Thornton's "Bad News Bears"? Bad news. Not nearly as good as Walter Matheau's version!!!!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

As long as tequila shots weren't involved, I'm sure it was all fine.

the mama bird diaries said...

You spent the weekend with other women's husbands and I spent the weekend with firefighters.

That's a damn good hussy weekend.

Denguy said...

You crazy Americans and your crazy mixed-up coed parent dates!

JCK said...

Being with the dads...can be a good thing. Mighty wind...not so good.

I thought "Little Children" was really overrated. I love Kate Winslet, will watch her do anything and Jackie Earle Haley was very good, but yes...Bad News Bears will rule him forever!

Jenifer said...

Say it ain't so!

Devra said...

Okay, this is something I never expected to admit to anyone as I never expected the topic to spring up anywhere...

I had a crush on Tanner too.

carrie said...

Yes! That Bad News Bears guy ruined all the eye candy for me.

Jenn said...

You read Little Children before you decided to view it, right?

Oh, wait, probably not, you were too busy hussing around with hubbies.


Some of my best friends are men, and I just can't give them up...despite the fact that I'd be gritting my teeth and wanting to rip out eyeballs if I were one of the wives.

Do as I say....

cce said...

The movie actually doesn't do the book a lick of justice. It's too obvious, unsubtle, spoon fed, every character so one dimensional on film while the book was brilliant at conveying every character as complex and conflicted. Anyway...good for you for honing in on Margaritas with the men. Ole.

urban-urchin said...

yeah, i had a tanner crush too- how the mighty have fallen....

Circus Kelli said...


hee hee!

JoeInVegas said...

Oh, please feel free to hang out with my wife's husband, no strings and you can sit on the other side of the table downwind.

crunchy carpets said...

Snort...I remember Haley from Damnation Alley...he just weirded me out in this flick too...too much for my brain!!!

He is going to be in The Watchmen...he is great in that apparently.

One of the guys huh?

Anonymous said...

Ew. People RECOMMENDED Little Children? It left me with the creepiest feeling after and I wondered, "Why the hell did I watch this crap?" It was slow. The main actor guy was blah. He had so little personality that I couldn't see why Kate's character would like him THAT much. The husband of Kate's character? Is it believeable that she'd react so little over her discovery? Is it believeable she'd marry him in the first place? The crazy ex-cop was so obnoxious. Oh, and how likely is it that the little girl would be able to get herself out of that baby swing and run away that fast without her mom hearing anything?

Blech. I got it because I love Kate Winslet. Had no idea the awful images that would be stuck in my mind forever.

Much better: The Jane Austen Book Club.

Ali said...

i love your hussiness!

Deb said...

1. May we see photos of these skirts? They sound fun.

2. Is The Mayor going for physical therapy? My husband is incapable of walking without a limp after his knee surgery a few weeks ago, and his entire leg has to be retrained.

3. Playground HUSSY!!! I would have done the same thing.

blue milk said...

Good! I think everyone needs a friend of the opposite sex.

By the way I just LOVE your blog.

Bri said...

I am mighty curious about these skirts, now. More details please?