Friday, March 28, 2008

Saving Stuff

Do you ever think about what you would rescue if you woke up in the middle of the night and the house was on fire?

It's morbid, I know, but I think about it sometimes.

Hmmm.... what would I save?

[This assumes The Mayor, The Rooster and K are all completely safe already, of course.]

Would it be a quilt that my Granny made?

A vanity cabinet that my grandfather built?

My Preppy Handbook diary from High School?

[Ugh! No! Come to think of it, I should burn that diary this afternoon!]

Just one thing?


There are too many things attached to too many memories.

I try remember that it's all "just stuff" but it is hard.

Maybe I should ask my brain to go easy on me and, when it wakes me in the middle of the night, ask me something simple like,

"What wouldn't you put in your YMCA locker (which you NEVER lock) because you would be totally bummed to lose it?"

[Oh, the frivilous questions that are easily answered!!]

The Frye boots that I have always been too cheap practical to buy... but found (brand new with the tags still on!!) at a local consignment store for $30...

...and this jacket, found at the same consignment store for $10 bucks!

For some reason, both make me feel like I'm as bad @ss as Chuck Norris.

Don't cut me off in traffic when I'm wearing these (if you know what's good for you!)


This post was written as part of Catherine and Tracey’s “My Favorite Thing…” writing prompt.

My Favorite Thing - post a picture of an object or objects (we know that your children are your most valued whatevers, but we're going OBJECTS here. Books, art, photos, mementos, shoes, garden gnomes, television set, whatever) that is/are dear to your heart. What would you grab if your house were one fire? What would you fire your partner for breaking/losing/defacing/disrespecting?

Feel free to join in and publish a post on this theme. All you are asked to do is copy the list of participants and add it to the bottom of your post -- and don't forget to add yourself!

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motherbumper said...

Those finds RAWK! And you look as cool as Steve McQueen.

I did a flashback too! But mine doesn't make me as bad @ss as Chuck Norris (swoon... my hero).

bzybead said...

not your new down vest? c'mon, sleep with it next to your bed.

kittenpie said...

I totally think aobut what I'd save in a fire, and I think it comes down to (again, assuming people and animals are fine) photographs. They just aren't replaceable.

But OMG I can't believe you found new Frye boots at a consignment store. I've always wanted a pair, but the $300+ seems a bit steep for me to swallow. I once saw some at a discount place, but only in tacky colours and not my size anyhow. sigh. Still waiting. lucky girl, you!

SoMo said...

Down here we ask a different question: What do you put upstairs in case of a flood? And don't forget the axe for when you are stuck in the attic.

Your question just reminded me that hurricane season just around the corner. *sigh*

Pendullum said...

A diary I started in grade 8... It was always written tfor my daughter....
So that she would see me at that age...and for me to remember the angst of that period....
I do not know if it will help... But I have kept it safe always in hopes of her future...
Weird, but true...

Traceytreasure said...

My treasure chest. I should put all of my shoes in it. I would need help with it. Also momentos of my friend that passed away 4 years ago. They're all I have left of her. Love the jacket and the boots! You scored! Hope you have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

My uncle wore those boots religiously and rode a motorcycle. He was cool.

I love the necklace you're wearing in the pic showing the jacket (which I also love).

Blog Antagonist said...

I was just thinking about this the other day because some idiot in our neighborhood was burning brush and the fire got a weensy bit out of control.

I would save my computer, I think. Because it has all my writing on it, AND all of our pictures from the last seven years or so. I really should back them up on disk, but I never seem to have the time.

Those boots are awesome.

cmhl said...

you overflow with coolness in those boots. wow. I wanna go to YOUR consignment shop!!

Heather said...

That's such a hard question to answer. I think I'd have to save my external hard drive. It's got all of my videos and pictures.

the mama bird diaries said...

I love that someone would save their external hard drive.

I would save the baby book I lovingly put together for my first daughter.

And I would also save the baby book that I truly hope I will put together SOMEDAY for my second daughter.

oh, and my favorite jeans.

Anonymous said...

I have it totally planned out. The husband must grab the dog and our wedding album. I would grab my small jewelry box and the box with all of Aodin's things.

I have thought long and hard, and I am pretty sure that's all I'd try really hard for!

furiousBall said...

definitely my pets. oooh, and my red guitar. seriously

April said...

The Frye boots. Definitely!

Andria said...

Those boots rock!

whoorl said...

Love the boots!

Traceytreasure said...

I meant mementos. That is if all the people and animals are already safe.

Don Mills Diva said...

I am loving those boots!

Emily said...

I think my lap top is what I'd save...of course I don't have those kick ass boots. If I did, I'd sleep in them every night, and grab my laptop on my way out the door and save them both.

Holly said...

I thought about this a lot last night as a gorgeous house on our street burned down. Five fire-trucks flashing lights on your block will make it all a little too real.

Lisa said...

I think I would grab my computer.

Angella said...

Not trying to be a downer. AT ALL.

We had a house fire three summers ago.

At the time we only had the two boys. I had one on each hip, and Honey yelled at me to grab stuff.

I honestly did. not. care. about the stuff.

My babies were safe, my hubby was safe, I was safe.

After the fire was put out, though?

I grabbed the photo albums.

Maureen said...

OOOOOhhhh! I SO love the boots!!!

zellmer said...

Those boots are hot.
I did this post, too, if you're interested in reading.
Thanks for a fun writing assignment.

Deb said...

Without question, my PowerMac. It has all of my child's photos from the first moment of his life until today on it, as well as all the first photos of my life with my husband.

Hmm... now that I think about it, I should probably just grab my external back-up drive. It's lighter, and it has all that crap, too. Plus, who wouldn't want those b*stards at State Farm to buy them a brand spanking new PowerMac?

Mrs. Flinger said...

oh!OH! Awesome. I have some boots I wore in my wedding that cost 10 bucks at a consignment shop. I could've totally said those.

And you are badass, Jessica!

Daisy said...

I love consignment shops, too. Shopping there lets me indulge myself for a lot less money than I would spend at a "real" store!

NotSoSage said...

You'd be as bad ass as Chuck Norris without them, but they are pretty flippin' cool.

A friend of a friend - who is a consultant - recently had the smoke alarm go off in the middle of the night and ran out of the house with (a) her son and (b) her laptop. Her colleagues told her that they are now questioning her priorities.

Caffeine Court said...

Lucky you! I've never found anything that cool at my thrift shop!

Kevin Charnas said...


you badass.

You GOTTA take me with you sometime, baby-doll-tender-love.

Lotta said...

You look totally hot. We may have to rethink that goal weight incentive deal we had earlier.

I wrote about your Frye boots over on my blog too!

Angel said...

Hello muh-lady... long time no comment. So sorry:( I'm a bad bad bad person.

I just read about this post on Mom-o-Matic and had no clue what Frye boots were. I even mentioned that in my comment. Then, low and behold I come here and you were gracious enough to share a pic! Those are pretty cool boots.

I want some now:)

Sheyenne said...

When I was 17 I woke up to my home burning. I was home alone. I ran into my room and grabbed a box full of love-letter and movie tickets stubs and other mementos from my boyfriend (who has now been my husband for almost 12 years). I ran back in and tried to think of something to save for my sisters but I honestly couldn't think of ANYTHING, so I ran back out with nothing. If that happened again today and I actually could think straight, I'd grab photos and possibly my computer because I have tons of pictures on it. And my dog. (We also lost one of our dogs in that fire and picturing that was really hard for a long time.)