Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh, The Prom

I don't remember much about my junior prom.

My mom made my dress, we didn't have a limo, he wasn't my boyfriend and nothing happened.


I went to my senior prom with a boy named Jim who had only recently lost his baby fat.

Until our senior year he was, well... short and round-ish, but then he grew forty five feet and his extra weight spread out across the new length of him.

Suddenly, he was
[kinda sorta] cute.

He took me by surprise when he asked me to prom.

I was deep in the process of shifting into my I wear black and am too cool for everything phase.

I was certainly ABOVE the prom.

But then... he asked.

All of my (also too cool) girlfriends seemed to be coming up with last minute dates, so I accepted.

Though my mother made most of the dresses that I wore to school dances, I didn't give her any lead time on this one so she had no choice but to take me shopping.

I somehow ended up with a pink and black number that incorporated a crinoline underskirt.

Oh, the pretty.

At the after party at the Airport Hilton...

(I know, I know... can you think of anything more LUXURIOUS?!)

... my girlfriend and I went down the hall for ice and stayed away for a long time talking.

When we returned to the room, Jim and her date were on the beds wearing nothing but their underwear.

"Look at our TOWER OF BUDWEISER!" they shouted.

Four cans formed a tilted tower on the night stand.

My girlfriend and I grabbed pillows and blankets off the beds, threw them on the floor and ordered a pizza from room service.

[Roll Music: Barbara Streisand's "Memories."]

In college, Jim would go on to form a punk band known for throwing raw meat at the audience.


This post was written as part of Catherine’s writing prompt --

"Prom (or not Prom) memories: What did you do (or not do) Prom night?"
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Shannon said...

I had a cute prom date who I had only known for 2 weeks. He was kind enough to call my attention to a red spot on the crotch of my white shorts during our prom weekend. Aunt Flo didn't warn me she was coming!!

That is the only thing I remember about my prom.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

My senior prom date was Mr. Schmitty's best friend.Mr. Schmitty went to the prom with MY best friend. Weird, huh?

Lindy said...

aaah the prom- I went with a French foreign exchange student and we shagged like jackrabbits up to and during the prom. Then I never saw him again.... meeeeeeemories, mistay watah colored meeeeemories!! I can't write this on my blog because well my mother still thinks I'm a virgin!

Frances said...

Wow.. Just made me think of my own prom (post is up).

Prom is WAYYYYYYYY overrated.

NotAMeanGirl said...

Ohhh Prom Stories! For the first time I actually feel like I have something to contribute to one of these writing exercises. My story is up!

Omaha Mama said...

I'm wondering where the picture is??? I want you to scan one in so we can see your purty dress.

Kathy said...

I think I have been working instead of at prom. Isn't that depressing?

Anonymous said...

What no photos? You big tease.

flutter said...

somehow this just fits

WILLIAM said...

What? No pictures?

carrie said...

You mean you didn't join the boys in their undies and help them build the Budweiser Tower?

'Cause I so woulda done that.

I married my prom date - which makes me laugh even to this day!

Jenifer said...

You sure know how to party!

Bon said...

i want pictures of the pretty. oh the pretty.

mind you, if you were as pretty as me, you would not show those pictures for all the money in the world, so i, y'know, get it.

but i still want to see 'em.

Mamma said...

Can't believe you remembered that post. I definitely used it again today.

And how did I know you went through that "too cool" period?? I always wanted to.

QT said...

Ha ha - my juinor prom date ended up "coming out" at age 19, two weeks before his wedding....

April said...

Proms - designed to let you down!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I recently did a prom post myself . . . I was a prom WHORE I went to so many. I actually remember changing to go to one in the bathroom of another one because I didn't want to go to two proms wearing the same dress.

My favorite prom memory? My ex boyfriend's date coming up to my date and telling him he shouldn't have brought me to prom. Umm . . . you're with my ex . . . aren't you happy that I'm not there with the ex and am there with somebody else? Indeed, a poorly thought out insult.

Janet said...

I went to my prom dateless, but with girlfriends who were also dateless (Oh, the Popular*). I actually wore a dress that I would likely wear today, which was a standout from the sea of pouf and fake rhinestones. At the after prom party, thrown by a popular guy who invited the entire graduating class - - I still can't believe that one - - I got chatting to a dude who I had an enormous crush on for most of high school. Then? My passed out girlfriend barfed on the floor around our feet which kind of killed the mood with her stomach acid stink. I forgave her, we're still friends. The guy was on 'roids anyway.

*Oh, the... is a registered trademark of Oh, The Joys.

Stimey said...

I badly wanted a photo.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Oh god, I've already revealed that hideousness of prom! But, perhaps I will play again since the next year's photos are a bit more redeeming. Prom does not hold many fun memories for me though.

Jen M. said...

Oh my gosh woman - I had a hot pink and black dress for my senior prom, too!!

Don Mills Diva said...

I love these prom date posts but I sure would loooove a photo....

Major Bedhead said...

Where's the photo?? C'mon, dood, I posted mine and I wasn't even part of this shindig.