Tuesday, May 06, 2008

On The Sidelines

K wasn't feeling well, so I took Roo to The Mayor's soccer game on Saturday.

I taught her to yell,


The Mayor goes all right.

He runs hell for leather from one end of the field to the other and back again following the miniature soccer herd.

The Mayor appears to be studying the kids with the ball while running, but he never attempts to get it himself.

He just runs. In earnest.

The Rooster grew bored of her brother's soccer game.

"I wanna swing, Mama!"

The swings, so nearby... the injustice of a mother who makes you watch your brother's soccer game!


I plied her with snacks as a distraction strategy.

But between mouthfuls of raisins, apple and crackers, Roo turned to say,

"I wanna swing!"

I tickled her.

She took a long pull on her sippy cup.

I snuggled my face into her neck.

She giggled and kept drinking.

Bluebirds flew down from the heavens, landed on our shoulders and whistled happy tunes.

Dude. There were RAINBOWS.

I told The Rooster I loved her.

It was freakin' beautiful, man.

"Where's my Rooster kiss?" I asked?

She threw a look over her shoulder to face me and her eyes sparkled.

Then, channeling Barney Gumble, The Rooster erupted.

"BURP," she said.

The FOULEST belch of all time blew right inside my poor, defenseless nostrils.

I had to laugh.

That is MY girl.


WILLIAM said...

Soccer givers me gas too.

Moobs said...

P not much more than 5 foot tall, is built like a rake, looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and belches so loudly that it cracks the glass our windows. Seriously, birds fall from the sky. She is our nephews' favourite aunty as a result.

By the way IT'S FOOTBALL!

NotAMeanGirl said...

Snerk! 'Roo Kisses... Is THAT what they are?

Anne said...

Awwww, an almost perfect moment. I had one of these that I blogged about yesterday.

Circus Kelli said...

Hee hee... loverly. :)

Pendullum said...

Do you think your mother daughter 'moment' could be made into a Hallmark card?
As if it could,I think my sister would be the first purchase it as it truly encapsulates her and my mother's relationship...

JoeinVegas said...

Unfortunately, yes, it does sound like you. Congratulations on making your own 'mini me'

Above Average Joe said...

I have to force Peanut to sit through The Champ's soccer games with the playground nearby too.

Not fun.

Cyndi said...

My daughter prides herself on her gas. Especially when she "burps from her bottom."

Corgimom said...

Might I suggest getting with other parents and doing 5-10 minutes turns watching the non-playing kiddos on the swings? Nothing I've actually tried to organize, mind you, but seems like it could work to everyone's satisfaction.

Moobs is right, it IS football.

kittenpie said...

Mine would find that freaking HILARIOUS. Lately, she's been skipping down the street, sing-songing, "Burp! Burp! Burp! Burp!" I'm ignoring it, hoping not to add fuel. But it's kinda funny.

flutter said...

is it wrong that I think little kid burps are hysterical?

Janet said...


I trust the bluebirds survived the noxious burp?

Law Student Hot Mama said...


Also a girl after my own heart. And I agree with William - watching soccer games makes me belch, too.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Aren't girls the best?

Kevin Charnas said...

Well, at least she didn't barf.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Love means never having to say "Excuse me".

Mimi said...

Sometimes we look into their eyes ... and see ourselves. Other times, they belch in our faces, and we hear ourselves ;-)

Denguy said...

A "long pull on her sippy cup" --I love that line. Made me laugh.

Grim Reality Girl said...

Watch out! This child will be the hit of the kegger! Instead of taking turns watching the little ones on the swings... pay off an older sibling of a teammate -- works every time! This way you miss none of the soccer action (typically your child will score a goal when you look away).

I love those young age groups when the younger player move like a herd! Wish I'd videotaped. Learn from my pathetic mistake :-)

Soccer is THE BEST! (Okay, football if you must...).

Cassey said...

Ha, she didn't want you getting all mushy. She had to lighten it up.

Heather said...

A raisin, apple and cracker burp. Gotta love it.

Stimey said...

This is why all teams/classes/workshops should include all siblings. Yay for rainbows and bluebirds and burping, but I find that entertaining my extra kids who are taking the spectator role is a complete effing nightmare. I could write an entire book about trying to entertain my two younger kids at my oldest's twice weekly karate class.

Emily said...

Oh, The Mighty Wind.


What is "hell for leather"

I love the rhythm of it, but cannot in good conscience, repeat it, lest I use it completely inappropriately.

Deb said...

Ahhh... nothing like a mother's pride in her daughter's accomplishments.

I like that my two-year-old already laughs when one of us farts. It just tells me that even though he looks exactly like his father, he's still MY kid at his core

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

That's so funny. And something my kids would do to me too.

Damselfly said...

It's so wrong, but I think I may have sort of accidentally taught my boy that burping is FUNNY!

Dory said...

I actually really LOLd at this one, and I'm in a spectacularly crappy mood.

Lotta said...

Let's hope she repeats that trick on her first date!