Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pomp & Circumstance

The Rooster, who is two years old, graduated yesterday.

There was a ceremony at her daycare center.

In the fall, she'll move from the two year old room to the three year old room.

Which is, ironically, in the same actual room.

[But on the other side of the tall bookshelf.]

The Mayor graduated too.

He's movin' on up to Pre-K.

[Though he was not awarded a DELUXE apartment in the sky.]

The kids sang fabulous songs in a wide range of decibel levels and each of them brought unique interpretation to the choreography.

I was sitting in the front row so they could see me grinning.

After The Mayor and The Rooster completed their valedictorian speeches got their graduation certificates, they came to sit with me.

The whole event was outside in one of the school's courtyards.

One of the school staff members had gone to a lot of trouble to put together a slide show of photos of all the kids as the grand finale.

Unfortunately, the sun was still shining brightly and the images were almost invisible on the large viewing screen in front of us.

[We could, however, hear each and every word of the accompanying songs from High School Musical.]

Things started breaking down.

The blank screen failed to hold the children's attention (imagine that) and they started to run wild.

Trying to be polite, the adults stayed in their seats pretending to see the almost invisible slide show.

The Rooster seemed to be squinting at the screen. I think she could see some of the faint images.

She got down from my lap and walked closer to the viewing screen.

The closer she got, the more she had to look up at the screen to see so the more her head tilted back on her neck.

A nano-second before it happened, I knew it was coming.

I yelled, "DOH" just a split second before she lost her balance, threw her hands forward and knocked the entire screen over backwards.

I scrambled up out of my seat and ran behind it to set it back up and made the mistake of looking up.

A hundred grown ups and their children were all staring at me.

For a second I froze, then I raised my hand at the crowd and made that nervous smile face.

You know the one...

"Hi. Yup, MY family again, folks."

I set the screen back up and slunk back to my seat.

Do my children really have to graduate from EVERY grade?


Patience said...

She stole the show!!

Circus Kelli said...

Hee! YES they have to graduate from every grade. Don't worry, though. There might not be a giant outside slideshow at EVERY one. ;)

Mrs. Schmitty said...

You should have done a little soft shoe and bowed!

Stepping over the Junk said...

That makes it memorable!

bzybead said...

i thought for sure it would have been the "hi" hand. classic story.

Mary Alice said...

snort. Oops. We're laughing WITH you. And no, after kindergarten they usually give up on the graduation ceremonies unless they are actually graduating from the last grade that school offers, praise God.

Sunshine said...

We've done the preschool graduation thing too. Then I think they don't have any more graduations until high school which is GREAT. The constant "you made it this far!" graduation ceremony thing seems a bit overdoing it!

CamiKaos said...

I think you get a several year break after Kindergarten.

Jen M. said...

Oh woman I feel your pain. We've been THAT family too many times, too.

But let's face it - they make great stories ;)

Jessica @ A Bushel and a Peck said...

Oh that is just hysterical!

Kevin Charnas said...

HA! Sorry...I thought it was rather funny.

Maybe you should've said, "And for our next act..."

QT said...


Kyla said...

Oh, the joys! LOL.

justmylife said...

Fear not, 4 kids tripped and fell at my son's high school graduation. Yes, one was my son.

flutter said...

that is too funny. Sounds like we are related!

Queen of Shake-Shake said...

At least you added some excitement?

Do they have to graduate for every grade? You have to wonder if all of these graduations cheapen the ones that matter, yk?

Tabba said...

hehe - i could see the whole thing play out inside me head.
sorry, sweets. but it is. ;)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

She was just acting on an impulse that everyone else had. Screw the pictures, let's pah-tay!

Deb said...

I laughed out loud for real on that. OMG! I love it.

My kid is "graduating" this fall to the big kid room in his daycare that he goes to one day a week for three measly hours. I have been warned there will be a ceremony. No wonder kids have such a sense of pageantry about their everyday lives these days.

Above Average Joe said...

Might have been easier to just throw her mortarboard in the air?

Denguy said...

I was going to say she stole the show, but, since there was no show, she was the show.
So, you have that going for you, which is nice.

Anonymous said...

I think we have all gone a little overboard in the graduation department...

WILLIAM said...

You Hope that they will graduate from every grade.

Don Mills Diva said...

Sounds like her antics were way more entertaining than the invisible slide show!

Christina said...

Wow, that makes tripping up the stairs to get my college degree seem like nothing!

Although, if you're going to fall, go dramatic. I think she accomplished that.

Why do they have all of these graduations, anyway? Seems like HS graduation is just one of many, and no big deal.

Damselfly said...

There seem to be graduations for everything these days. I am sure your family made an uneventful ceremony one that will be remembered. And that's the way to go out in style!

Velveteen Mind - Megan said...

I was quite sure you were going to say that the audience was finally able to see the photos as they were projected on your butt.

That is how my mind works.

Not that you have a big butt. I do, so that is actually how my mind works.

Always thinking about my butt. And, apparently, how it could better pre-K graduation ceremonies.

Rachel said...

I think that they have only started doing graduations from every grade so that your family can provide entertainment for the masses, right? :-)
I am laughing at Megan's comment. She's such a smart aleck.