Thursday, August 28, 2008

Manifest Stereophonic Destiny

At some point last weekend a miracle occurred and my children played nicely together for longer than 17 seconds.

I found myself relaxing on my bed reading an old journal and stumbled across an entry from January of 1997 entitled, "What I Might Like My Life To Be Like."

The entry described my hopes about the life partner and children I hoped to have, what kind of parent I wanted to be and more.

It made me smile to read it because much of what I wished for has come true.

I've heard it said that the simple action of cutting out pictures of the things you desire and hanging them on your wall will make your desires manifest but I never put much stock in it.

But maybe there is some power in making your heart's desire known to yourself in whatever form...

At the time that I wrote this particular journal entry, I drove a
metallic-blue, 1971 Super Beetle with nothing but a dial knob radio.

In addition to describing how I wanted my life to unfold, the journal entry also outlines my automotive future.

[Because I'm a dork?]

The entry says,

"I want to drive a car that is safe, has seat belts and heat and is reliable."

[Okay, so I'm a practical dork.]

Then it goes on to say,

"I would like it [the car] to have a stereo that plays tapes."

Lo and behold!

Our vintage family Honda circa 1995?... Sports a tape deck!

Oh, the AWESOME!

Clearly I need to aim a little higher with regard to my desires in the area of vehicular stereophonics!


Patience said...

A car with heat! Nice.

And were you looking for an 8-track tape deck??

Anonymous said...

I drive a 2000 Malibu that sports both the tape deck and cd player. High-tech!

And, yes, it was actually an option that I was specifically looking for. :)

Don Mills Diva said...

A car with heat?!

Reaching for the sky weren't ya...?...:-)

Mrs. G. said...

Like you, I drove a bug (red, 1067) and had big dreams. I wanted my own apartment and straight hair.

Did your beetle only heat up your feet-and by heat up, I mean melt the rubber on your tennis shoes?

Ali said...

when i got my first car, ihad a choice of cd player or tape deck and i was all "hells yeah! tape deck! so i can play my mix tapes!"

ah, back in the day...
(it was 1994)

bzybead said...

which leads me to the question . . . do you need more tapes????

WILLIAM said...

I read somewhere that any tape left in a car eventually turns into Queens greatest hits.

JCK said...

It IS fun to find those old journal entries and see where your life has taken you.

Hey a cassette player in a car was a big deal!

Vodka Mom said...

my first car was an orange Volkswagen beetle that I blew up my sophomore year of college in the middle of Squirrel Hill Tunnel in Pittsburgh. oh yeah, I never told my parents I was taking a road trip. oops.

The last thing my dad said to me when I left for college with the car? Don't forget to check the oil.


anna said...

I have a list like that somewhere. I think my ideal car was something "safe, that I didn't have to constantly fear would break down." Like you say, check.

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

My first car was 1980 Red Chevette (in 93) The foot heater never turned off and at one point my drivers door didn't work and I had to climb thru the other side. Oh and it sounded like the Jetson's car. I would have killed for a tape deck, heck even FM radio. Who gets a car with only AM radio?!!?

Mrs. F said...

I told my hubs this morning that I want an old Beetle, like the '73 that I had back in the 90's. It was awesome.

Do they even make tapes any more?? I still have some, so we currently have a really old Faith Hill tape in the truck.

Laura said...

Very cool! Way to set expectations!!!!

Shannon said...

I laughed aloud - that was funny!

Shannon said...

Oh - and in highschool? I didn't have a car - but my friend (the one we all rode with because he had a car?) - he had a vw bug (a really old one). The back seat caught fire regularly from the battery and for airconditioning we opened the glove box along with the windows. We could pack 7 people in that car. We were small then.