Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Headbangers Ball

On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday with a few friends and the six children that we collectively parent.

K nearly burned down the backyard uh, blackening, no, grilling lunch for everyone.

[Which was delicious.]

Afterwards, Raffi [who is five] came to ask his mother when we would eat the cake.

“We don’t have any cake,” I told him.
“But it’s your BIRTHDAY,” he said with an incredulous look on his face.
“I know, so we have a key lime pie because I like that.”

I swear he would have flipped me the bird if he knew how to. He was furious.

WHAT? No freakin’ cake? The NERVE!

[Believe it... and no goodie bags either, Mr. Mini-Chump.]

Ah, well. I'm all talk.

We caved, gave the little people popsicles and then released their sugar filled bodies into the wilds of our mosquito infested backyard.

Then we thanked the tiny, baby Jeebus for the quiet.

The Zen-like peace led us to a deep, transcendental discussion...

...about the classic rock songs we each secretly loved.We gathered around my computer, calling up songs and lamenting the decline of the 1970's "wacca-wacca" rock sound.

We nodded our heads to the beat and shook our wild, rock hair while playing air guitar.

We bit our lower lips and squinted our eyes, achieving that tough rock n’ roll look.

[The really tough and cool look that only greying people over the age of forty-one can attain.]

When we finally went to check on the children, we found the older ones playing a sort of beach volleyball on two sides of our backyard fence.

The little ones were cheering them on from the where they stood on the roof of our car.

[Parent-of-the-Year Awards -- for all my friends!]

There were greasy, little hand and foot prints all over our windshield but it was totally worth it, dude.


QT said...

That day sounds pretty perfect, my friend. *Especially* the kids standing on the car roof part...oy!

I would add "Black Betty" by Ram Jam to your already superb list.

Liberal Banana said...

There's nothing I could add because my kind of reminiscing involves New Kids on the Block, but I am going to see The Who in November and have 11th row tickets! Woo WHO!

(Oh man, it's too early in the morning...)

-The Shiny Happy Mama- said...

I would add Dream On by Aerosmith. Or Big Ten Inch...;)

The Reaper? AWESOME!!

Glad you had a nice birthday, despite the lack of cake or goody bags.

Sayre said...

Oooo... Dream Weaver! If there was ever a song that characterized my teen years, that would be it. Middle-school wonder!

Happy birthday - and I'm with you on the key lime. The nerve of that kid...

furiousBall said...

blackened hot dogs are a delicacy in these parts

Nancy said...

Electric Light Orchestra
"Turn to Stone"


Happy Birthday!

day late =(

Jill said...

Where's the Journey, man? You can't have a classic rock list without a power ballad!!

Happy Belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

I totally love key lime pie, although I have to admit I am an angel food cake girl on my own birthday (I hate baking in general, but the second it's a family birthday I am in that kitchen up to my elbows in flour!)

Also, the Wonder Woman link? AWESOME!

Holly said...

My 12 and 13 yr old boys are into rock band and Guitar Hero and now they like all of those songs too! It is some kind of awesome I tell ya!

Beck said...

Happy birthday to you!
Sadly, my formative musical memories involve a lot of Duran Duran and Prince. So you should add some of that.

Jenn said...

Greg Alman: I'm No Angel.

Happy belated birthday!

Ben and Bennie said...

More Aerosmith...and definitely more COWBELL!!

Lotta said...

What a rock star day for a rock star family! Happy Birthday!!

Vodka Mom said...

Led Zeppelin - Sharp Dressed Man......gotta have it.

carrie said...

Long Cool Woman, by The Hollies. I might be off on the decade, but it's a good hangin' w/the homies tune!

And isn't it nice when the kiddos can play like that without the grown-ups doing a thing except relaxing? It's as it should be my friend. :) Glad you had a good "burfday!"

carrie said...

Oh, and Mustang Sally too!

Carmel Mom Sue said...

How about "Rock On" by David Essex?

Obscure, but oh so 70's!

Happy birthday!

Anne said...

Hmmm... did Vodka Mom partake of a bit too much before she did that post? The Led singing Sharp Dressed Man??? I can't even imagine it!