Monday, September 08, 2008

That's Entertainment

Spiderman came to the birthday party that The Mayor attended this weekend.

I should clarify that and say more specifically that Skid Row Spiderman came to the birthday party.

He arrived wearing his faded mask and badly fraying costume.  Behind him, he dragged a beaten up rolling suitcase.

No matter! Fifteen four-year-old jaws fell in awe... 

Spderman is HERE!  

He is among us! 

All hail, Spiderman!!

The rough and tumble Spiderman began his kiddie show with the oldest magic tricks in the book and then moved on to toddler Karate lessons.  

He told the worst jokes imaginable and promised to make balloon animals for the grand finale.

His repertoire struck me as odd.

I wondered about the man behind the mask.  

His oddness didn't seem to matter to the kids.

The Mayor hung on Spiderman's every word and took him literally when he said that each child who mastered the karate moves would be guaranteed a position at Super Hero Training School. 

[The Mayor is so earnest.]

Not all the kids took Spiderman as seriously as The Mayor.

Like a heckler from the back of the crowd, The Mayor's friend Zoe yelled out a direct request, 


Her father fell into a severe coughing fit.

After he recovered himself, he laughed and said,

"So now you know what kind of parties go on at our house."


JCK said...

Man, you run with a FUN crowd!

Probably best that this particular Spiderman didn't take off his shirt. I'm sure he was not a Park Ranger.

Magpie said...

So, did he invite you to one of said parties?

Omaha Mama said...

Now that's funny! Spiderman that does magic, karate, and balloon animals? Score for the preschool set!

Patois said...

So long as Spidey wasn't doing any pole dancing.

I'm with Magpie: do you ever get to Zoe's house for parties?

Shannon said...

LMFAO @ Zoe. That was great.

furiousBall said...

spiderman is usually a stripper when he shows up to my parties too

Kyla said...

Hahahaha! That's hilarious.

miss bliss said...

That's just as bad as getting cheers for peeing in the Home Depot bathroom.

we_be_toys said...

I'm really, REALLY glad Skid Row Spiderman stayed dressed. It's probably best if we never know his true persona...!
That Zoe is a party animal! Is it possible to book her for the entertainment?

All Rileyed Up said...

I'm taking Zoe to all my parties. Yeah, baby!

(Besides, it sounds like Spidey may have another job that involves fielding those exact kind of remarks.)

Denguy said...

So, that guy has Super-hero-shirt-taking-off parties? Sounds rockin'.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Zoe sounds like my kind of gal...the Mayor is in for some serious corruption.

Vodka Mom said...

I love the Skid Row Spiderman! Sounds like a sketch from SNL!
You should TOTALLY write it- and send it to them.

Above Average Joe said...

Spiderman was appearing at a local car show a few years back. I took The Champ to meet him.

Unknowingly, we got there two hours before he was to appear. I told The Champ he propably was chasing bad guys and was running late.

He finally showed and we got a pic and an autograph. It was worth it.

Moxie-Mom said...

oh my good god. Spidy! Save me from laughing my ass off!

stepping over the junk said...

that's why we just eat cake and watch Scooby doo on our birthdays

Maureen said...

Oh My. Sounds like Spiderman has hit on hard times.

I guess another movie is needed to support that swinging lifestyle.

kristi said...

Naahhhhhhhhh she just wanted to see his chest muscles!! LOL!!