Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway In The Countryside

With the usual three year old level of tact and grace, The Rooster said,

"Grandma! Your tights don't match your dress."


Grandma Seattle, infamous fashionista and garment over-achiever, got her rock star on in the country last weekend.

She wore a dress like this:

With tights like these:

She slipped super high-heeled, charcoal colored, oxford pumps laced up with black ribbons on her feet and giant, prescription, white rimmed aviator sunglasses on her face.

[Very rock star.]

Despite my daughter's critique, she looked very New York Chic to me.

The kink in the plan around this particular outfit was that we were destined for a teeny, tiny church in an extremely rural part of Virginia.

We spent the weekend in Virginia for a homecoming celebration held by my grandparent's community church for the purpose of dedicating their new fellowship hall.    The Rooster and I joined my mother, her siblings and other family members for the gathering.

In the church yard after the service, I caught my cousin Cary staring at my mom's outfit.

I watched him, grinning, until he noticed he was caught.

"You know," he said, "the church ladies are going to talk about your mama's get up for weeks."

"Well," I said, "maybe that's a good thing. It will save them from talking about each other and she's leaving town tomorrow and won't care."

"Now that," he said with a look of optimism, "is a very good point."



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Mrs. G. said...

Grandma Seattle sounds like HAWT Grandma Seattle to me. I live in Seattle and I'm impressed she's not bundled in polar fleece and clonking around in Danskos--like me.

Sayre said...

Go, Grandma Seattle, go! I bet she rocked that little church right down to its foundations!

Vodka Mom said...

Does she belong to the Harper Valley PTA????

flutter said...

your mom rocks!

verygoodyear said...

Holy heck, that outfit sounds AMAZING to me! way to go Grannie!

Patois said...

Was she like a teenage mother, giving birth to you at an incredibly young age? Sure doesn't sound like my grandma.

ewe are here said...

Grandma Seattle sounds like the kind of grandma grandkids truly enjoy - fun!

May they enjoy the post-church gossip for a while.

Laura said...

Rock on Grandma!

In the 80s my Grandma would wear bright sweaters with leggings that had vibrate patterns - my grandfather would ask if she was going with him to church or if he shuld drop her off at the corner to make them some $$$!!!!

LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing and making my day - a flood of wonderful memories have over come me!

furiousBall said...

haha, i like your grandma because i'm wearing the same mantyhose

Rusti said...

Dang! Wish I could pull of something like that... of course right now I don't think I could pull off horizontal stripes... or tights... go Grandma Seattle Go! :)

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

Grandma Seattle is way cool. But it's not fair that she dresses a thousand times better than me. Not. Fair.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Thanks Girlie-Girl!

EmmaK said...

Just voted for your hilarious blog. Could you vote for me in the category of Hottest Mommy Blogger here:


Anonymous said...

Now how could you have forgotten the FABULOUS belt (my dress was not Empire style) - Seriously I'm amazed you found such a close match and found the tights!!! You have started my day off with a great laugh. And I love my little Rooster fashionista too. Love, Grandma Seattle

Leah said...

Oh please tell me you have a picture of Grandma Seattle rocking that outfit! I would love to see it!

Ponygirl said...

good story, J. love to you and your mama. And to cousin Cary who once famously said... [Can't print that here.]

Anissa Mayhew said...

If you get to the age of grandma and can't wear whatever the heck you want, what's the point? Kuddos to her for being secure in herself and being unique.

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, one good looking grandma there.

Rachel said...

I am head over heels for that dress!!
Go Grandma!