Sunday, November 16, 2008

She's with the Band

"Spin around in circles until you fall down!" the band cried.

The Rooster and her friend Margaux spun like whirling dervishes.

Margaux fell repeatedly and The Rooster weaved like a drunkard.

"Now show us your belly buttons!" the band roared.

Roo and her friend exposed their bellies by pulling their 3T shirts up to their eyeballs.

At the Ralph's World concert we went to this weekend, the two girls were gone like a shot in the first few bars of the first song.

The Mayor sat clinging to my side. He intently studied the whole scene like a budding anthropologist.

The Rooster and her friend on the other hand, were down in front jumping up and down and pumping their fists in the air.

Occasionally, one of the girls would run back to me long enough to take a long pull on a juice box straw and then disappear again amongst her peers in the junior mosh pit.

Before they began their last song, the band invited audience members to join them onstage.

Margaux and The Rooster raced up the stage stairs nearly flattening the two year old set.

At first they teetered at the proscenium's edge squinting into the spotlight for a look at the crowd, but then I lost them in the throng.

The next time I spotted them I noticed they had stolen drumsticks and were banging on the drum kit like two wild animals.

Something tells me this doesn't bode well for the teen years.


Scout's Honor said...

Woman, I see trouble brewing in your future.

How do I know?

I have a nine year old daughter that has turned that "nine" into "ninny" for boys and we are brewing in that big latte of life called boy crazee.

I hope to welcome you soon to the club.

As for your major? He is my Li'l Man. Quiet, shy, and observant. Couldn't have cared less than he was the object of 13--yes, no exaggeration--13 kindergartner girls deepest affections last year.

He was blase and treated the girls with respect. He's a pro.

He's got a older sister to teach him how to treat his girls...errr...harem.

Laura said...

Oh my, that is a cute story...thanks for sharing.

Vodka Mom said...

Oh I just love that story. I bet they were ADORABLE when they lifted their T's to show their belly buttons. (If she asks to go to New Orleans when she's older, so NO!!!)

Mrs. Schmitty said...


JoeinVegas said...

Well, good thing Tom Jones isn't around for them to throw their panties on stage for - oh, wait, he is, was in town yesterday for a concert. But I think a little old for them. Maybe the Jonas Brothers. Yea, that sounds good.

mark said...

She's going to be an awesome roadie!

Rockzee said...

They sound like two very confident girls to me, which is a compliment to you.

Leah said...

Love it- she is adorable. Keep her close.

BOSSY said...


flutter said...

she is so cute, it hurts

John Ross said...

That is adorable. great kid(s) great mom(s).

Anonymous said...

Ralph's World holds a special spot in my heart for helping me realize kids' music didn't have to be painful for parents. They're coming here soon too, but unfortunately, my kids have outgrown them, and I can't quite picture going by myself to that one! And, ya, I have to agree with the others who've said the teen years should be interesting around your place.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Under lock and key.
I'm just saying..

DysdHousewife said...

Groupie Training!! WHOOHOO!