Friday, January 02, 2009

The Good Guy

Thanks to the fabulousness of the school calendar, there hasn't been any daycare for... a long, dang time.

It was warm out the other day, so I took the short and loud people to the playground in the afternoon.

[As part of my double-top-secret-plan to wear down their boundless energy reserves.]

One of the doctors from our pediatrician's office showed up with her two boys and a herd of other moms and kids.

The Mayor, delighting in a burnt orange Big Wheel covered in flame stickers, was preoccupied with riding around and around the playground's perimeter.

Our pediatrician's three year old son, Jonah, was cut loose on the playground while his mother cared for her infant and chatted with other moms in her playgroup.

For no apparent reason, Jonah identified The Mayor as his number one enemy.

I watched Jonah crash and re-crash his bike into my surprised and startled Mayor.

When that didn't rattle him, Jonah got off his bike, walked over to The Mayor and purposefully shoved him.

[This Mama Lion's hackles were standing on end.]

The Mayor was genuinely puzzled by the boy's actions.

After all, he earned his nickname, The Mayor, for his glad-handing, friend-making ways. He is, by nature, friendly.

The Mayor didn't react to the bully so much as stare at him full of astonishment and curiosity.

[Though he did protest a bit when Jonah spit in his face.]

Later, Jonah and another boy climbed on top of a small playhouse and yelled out taunts.

"Hurry everybody! Get away from him! He's the BAD GUY!!"
That got The Mayor's attention.

The Mayor pedaled his big wheel right up to the house.

Jonah and his friend scrambled to hide inside.

"Guys," The Mayor shouted, "I'm a good guy. Really, I'm a GOOD guy!"
[Watching him insist on his own inherent goodness took my breath away.]

Four minutes later, The Mayor was somehow transformed and the two played nicely together from that moment on.

I told K this story as we were falling asleep.

"Is this how boys make friends? Is this how they get each other's attention?"

"Uh-huh," K muttered.

"It IS?" I asked again, incredulous.

K mumbled sleepily,

"What? What? Did you say something?"

[I thought about purposefully shoving him, you know, to get his attention.]

[Speaking of The Mayor, his surgical consult was postponed until next week. Thank you for all your kind thoughts and messages.]


Amanda said...

Quick to challenge, quicker to sleep. Boys.

Glad your sweet boy found his voice and took his rightful place.

jeanie said...

Oh my - your heart must have burst!

Crazed Mom said...

Oh he's a boy alright, no social artifice there! Boys never fight for long or hold grudges especially at the mayor's age. You might not understand it but it makes parenting boys a bot simpler.

Jerri Ann said...

My oldest child is "the Mayor" and my youngest is "the bully". My oldest will be 6 on the 14th and he talks incessantly. He.Never.Shuts.Up! Most people agree he got that from his mother, but gah, why do I have to take the blame for everything.

My second born is 4, turned 4 in November and is mean as a freakin' rattlesnake. Everyone says he got that from me...gah..see what I mean.

Anyway, one example of the 4 year old's prowess is that at one school function I was attempting to help out and I looked around to see my itty bitty 4 year old (he barely weighs 26 pounds soaking wet) punching this big huge kid, bigger than my oldest (who is well into 60 pounds).

I don't know what that 4 year old was thinking but he was pounding on that big kid. So, I've decided that I know what they should be when they grow up. The oldest should be a lawyer....that way he can help bail his younger brother out of jail on a regular basis...ugh!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, kids are too weird. I mean, I know girls can be totally vicious too, and I'm sure my heart will break for my little lady more than once, but the way that kids in general can just go from one extreme to another in how they interact with each other is so strange.

ewe are here said...

I'm not sure I would have been able to sit there to see how it would be handled for that long (well, mine are only coming up on 2 and 3 1/2)... I'm very impressed... and perhaps I need to start thinking about when to let mine start to sort these things out for themselves... sob.

Avitable said...

Just pick up any comic book where two superheroes are meeting each other for the first time.

First, they fight.
Then, they realize it's all a big misunderstanding.
Finally, they're fast friends!

And all boys are superheroes.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

The Mayor is DIVINE. I'm gonna have to nibble on him...

moosh in indy. said...

I can't imagine you spawning anything less than a fully awesome child.

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Boys! OY!

Honeybell said...

What restraint you have, on several levels!

(Hey! The captcha says "delete". That just seems wrong somehow.)

Laura said...

BOYS! My heart goes out to your little guy - the world sure can be rough and people cruel...your post really hit a cord with me - it sure is hard to protect, prepare and educate our little ones.

Hope the little guy keeps remembering he is the GOOD guy.

Vodka Mom said...

Boys will TACKLE, SHOVE, TEASE and basically humiliate each other until some woman gets ahold of them later in life and KICKS THEIR ASS.

So, let it be written.

Penny said...

You are a Good Mommah Lion, OTJ. I would have been up one side and down the other of that little twerp and reading this, I realized that this may very well be a necessary part of socialization. Oee has reached the age where she comes home from school and relays stories of school yard bullies.. she's a bit too old for me to go up there at lunch and put the fear of God into the little brats, verbally. But, I have a death-stare that is inescapable. lol! Still... we all have to learn how to deal with this sort of stuff on our own and I Really Admire your resolve to sit back and let things unfold from a careful, mindful position. You're a great Mommah. xo

Wendy said...

they're just like dogs, testing, pushing, and if you push back (I'm the good guy!!", they go, "ohhhhhh, cool. right on. let's play."

Shannon said...

I loved that you didn't step in and interfere with what happened. You're a good mom for allowing him to find his own way to deal with the situation. What a painful learning experience, but guess what! Mayor did a GREAT job in sticking up for himself. What a way to develop his confidence.

And in my mind, I would've pinched that mean little boy real hard. LMAO.

mama918love said...

Yeah, who knows with the boys. I'm still trying to figure them out.

But your little Mayor showed the patience and courage of a little prince, didn't he? Cuteness.

BookMamma said...

I'm learning this lesson of Mysteries of Young Male Communication too. It's both fascinating and terrifying to me!

Good for The Mayor for educating the others of his goodness. My Finn doesn't seem to get it just yet and it's killing me!

PS - Aren't Big Wheels AWESOME? Santa brought one this year and I love how they are perfect sidewalk-sized.

Patois said...

I have the hardest time standing back and letting it unfold in front of me. Good for you. Good for the Mayor.

JCK said...

It is great that you watched it all without helicoptering in...but, hard to do. It is funny, strange, odd how boys do that kind of thing on the road to friendship. The Mayor will do well in life. :) He sounds like such a sweetheart.

Nadine said...

Awww, what a great story!! What a little darling. Isn't it the best thing to watch your children learn and interact with other people and children?

WILLIAM said...

The shoving and spitting and hittingis equivalent to dogs sniffing butts.

Penny said...

I thought about you this morning.. and then I intervened anyway.. *cringe*. But, I still got your point. ;)

Above Average Joe said...

It's kind of like pro wrestling. First you are the good guy and instantly you are turned into the heel.

Maybe that's why is men like it so much?