Monday, February 23, 2009


K's best friend Brian came to visit this weekend.

I'm pretty sure that his primary goal for the 24 hours he spent with us was to leave my children thinking he was the loudest, silliest, most-likable person they ever met.

He was as silly as a goose on Xanax and louder than the two kids put together.

[Which is a serious achievement in itself as I have extraordinarily high decibel children.]

Before we dropped him off at an old law school friend's house with whom he planned to attend his reunion, we stopped off at Target.

While I gathered the dull and random household essentials, Brian took the children to the toy aisle, let them pick whatever they wanted and treated them to it.

As a staunch pro-feminist who worked for years doing intervention work with male batterers, The Rooster's choice of a baby doll caused Brian a moment of mild discomfort.

He realized that he had hoped she would choose something tough, like a baseball glove, but she couldn't have been more clear that what she wanted was a baby doll.

What does a pro-feminist man do when a woman chooses domestic bliss and the charms of motherhood over sliding into home?

He keeps his lip zipped and assumes the gal knows what she wants!

[Which is exactly what he did.]

At the check out aisle, Rooster turned to me and said,

"Brian is like a silly Santa!"
On our way out of the Target store, we stopped to look at all the dogs crated in front of the nearby pet supply super store.

An animal rescue group was holding an animal adoption day.

I wished I could take one home, but we're not ready for a dog yet.

The Mayor and I wandered around to each crate and let the lonely dogs nudge our hands with their wet noses.

Just as we were about to leave, an employee of the pet store came out the front door holding a puppy.

The dog was an amber colored mutt, clearly part pit bull, and you could tell that she'd recently been spayed by her shaved belly.

I overheard the pet store employee talking to the animal rescue volunteers and hung back, listening.

"He walked in with her in a crate," she said. "Obviously he left without her. We found the crate on one of our shelves."

I tried to wrap my head around that.

Who does a thing like that?

The employee looked at my puzzled face and went on to say,

"It happens all the time. People leave all kinds of pets here, lizards, snakes,dogs, cats."

"What do you do with them," I asked incredulously.

"We adopt them out if we can," she said.

The pit bull mutt hung limply in her arms as puppies do.

The Mayor and I stoked her sweet face.

She was docile as a lamb.

We finally left, suddenly in a hurry to get Brian on his way to his law school reunion.

As we followed our big, silly Santa to the car, I hoped that a trace of his spirit of generosity would linger behind us and inspire someone to take the pup home.


Bon said...

i am always torn between wanting all the animals to find homes and not really wanting more animals in OUR home...because i don't think we give the cat enough time and attention as is.

but it is heartbreaking to see them waiting. and i do hope someone plays Santa to them all.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I hate that people can't face up to their responsibilities and just abandon a pet---I realize times are tough but then just go to the shelter and surrender your pet properly! When I volunteered at a shelter, people would com at night, tie their dog to the gate (or leave their pet in a crate) and leave in the cover of night. It didn't matter if it was freezing or boiling, the poor animal would be left there without any information, no history or records to let the shelter staff know if it would be a good pet to adopt to a family.

Your husband's friend sounds like a hoot.

nutmeg said...

The pit bull problem is obscene. Thousands killed every day. It breaks my heart, but I wouldn't ever be able to bring that kind of risk into my home. There's the rub. We need dog birth control. hasn't anybody ever shown those dogs how to put on a condom using a banana. Okay, it's pretty hard to be funny about this subject.

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

Every family needs a silly Santa :)

...and...I am very impressed you were able to leave that puppy there. I'm not sure I would be so strong!

JoeinVegas said...

A goose on Xanax, hmmm, makes me wonder what kinds of things you did as a child in order to have these comparisons down.

mo.stoneskin said...

Is it possible Brian stole a goose's xanax?

Seriously though, cute/sad story. The only reason I don't take my wife to the nearby dogs' home is that I can't face filling a small two-bed flat with puppies!

Anonymous said...

My 2nd cat came to me via an acquaintance who had found him out near a country road. He had managed to crawl where she could find him. He was a very very young kitten. Someone had dumped a litter of kitties they didn't want. He grew up into a huge cat but was always shy and timid and affectionate. He lived to a ripe old age.

Patois said...

I'm so damn sad now.

movin' down the road said...

I love that my girls are girlie girls and play with dolls. but love it when they go across that line to boy things. Ooooh, I wanna rescue a pup!