Wednesday, April 01, 2009


"Mama, that sign says CART!"
All of a sudden, The Mayor is reading.

For the past three nights in a row, he's picked a book called Old Bear to hear as a bedtime story.

Only neither K nor I have read it to him.

He read it to us!

I'm completely peacock, parent proud and also somewhat stunned.

I remember learning to read (at least I think I do).

Wasn't it in first grade? Wasn't I six?

He is four! He is in pre-K!

He is Biggie Smartowsky!

What's the name of the blog?

Oh, The Joys!

(And I really mean it!)

(AND the swelling in his ear has gone down dramatically!)


Joie said...

From the stories you tell, your kids are smart and highly verbal. I was reading when I was 3 and 4 and then the problem later was that I was bored in school and refused to do the phonics activities. The teachers told my parents I had a learning disability but my mother was a school librarian and knew better. The pulled me out of that kindergarten class and put me in another school. The teachers there said that I didn't have a disability - instead I was reading on a 6th grade level!

Enjoy him. He is brilliant. One day we will all be able to say we knew him when he was talking about butts and poo.

The Sour Kraut said...

I'll say it again...gifted.

flutter said...

go Mayor, go!!

mark said...

Amazing! You've got your own Alfred Einstein there!

Patience said...

I remember reading to my grandfather when I was about 6. I remember being so very proud, not so much for being able to read, but because he told me how proud he was of me!

3carnations said...

Isn't that awesome?!? My son is doing the same thing.

Sorry to brag on your blog, but a couple weeks ago we had kindergarten testing, and he tested at 6 yrs 11 months for language skills. The joys, indeed!

Mary G said...

Wow! Brightly shining Rooster. Something (sorry) to crow about.

Anonymous said...

Not a bit amazed. I had looked at some phonics books for his last birthday but decided that if you had wanted to do that you would have. Remember Mike Marshall taught himself to read by looking at the TV guide for his favorite game shows. Kids are amazing and the Mayor has always been fascinated with words - plus he is my brillant grandson. Love, Mom AKA Grandma Seattle. Give Mayor a hug and kiss and tell him I am so happy he can read words.

Catizhere said...


Down more spelling out words to K that you don't want the kids to hear.

Maggie sounded out R-i-t-a-s- W-a-t-e-r I-c-e and her & Will had their jackets on waiting at the front door.

Little Monkies said...

I am so not surprised.

Now you get to experience the joy of having a literate child, which means that spelling words you don't want them to know is now over, as well as skipping over things in books and other advantages of having a child who is pre-reading. And, that child will not keep it to himself, but will inform his sister of all that he is able to know...hilarity and confusion ensue.

(but it is fun...)

liliannattel said...

Lovely. Enjoy the pride!

Mary@Holy Mackerel said...

That's so exciting! Gotta love it!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

That is fantastic! It's so amazing when they begin to read. One day they can't....the next they can, just like that (snap).

BOSSY said...

Great news all the way around. Better start saving for Columbia University now.

Ali said...

the same thing happened with my son at 4. he was reading. and we had NO idea! we just didn't expect it!

Denguy said...

Holy Smarty-Pants!
Where does he get it from?

Liam's Mom said...

Your words are always right on!

"peacock, parent proud"

I love it!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yay, that is too cool! So much fun when they start to read.

Ree said...

Yay Mayor!!!

May his love of reading continue for a long, long time.