Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What They Would Rescue You From

The Mayor's class is visiting a senior center on Friday as a class service project, though to him it is simply a field trip.


Because he is going on a field trip and she is not, The Mayor feels compelled to taunt his sister about said visit to the senior center.

Sometimes The Rooster lets his taunts get her down but tonight, she shot out of her chair, raised a fist in the air and shouted,


I tried to imagine specific rescue missions senior citizen super heroes might undertake.
"What will the senior citizens rescue you from?" I asked.
The Mayor answered first.
"They rescue you from being old," he shrugged, as if this was common knowledge. "They are old instead of you."
Then my husband chimed in,
"I think they share their experience and wisdom to rescue you from mistakes you might otherwise make."
Then K laughed at himself and, faking the voice of an older person, shouted,
I smiled imagining a collective, world-wide, senior-citizen super hero eye roll.

"To the rescue? As if you young people would actually listen? Ppppffffftttt."


Amanda said...


3carnations said...

"They are old instead of you." Love it.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

My mother-in-law would be first in line for the super hero costume fitting. She has a serious excess of advise to spread...

Anonymous said...

Before kids, when I had more time, I facilitated a writing group for senior citizens. I just fell into it. It wasn't something I intended (I was wanting to run a group for teens). It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. They gave me so much--mainly encouragement & appreciation.

Patience said...

Old people rock!!

WILLIAM said...

I read this and I asked myself what kind of costume would a senior citizen super hero wear and as I thought about I came to the conclusion...that

Hah. Get it. Im here all week.

Mimi said...

Does that mean ... oh wow. My head hurts contemplating all the slow-speed senior citizen rescues.

And Munchkin bashed a tooth and it's grey and dying and we need a senior to remind her to take better care of them!

Bon said...

my teeth are listening.

Megan said...

Check out my superheroes.. I live in the land of dorks.. but on a kinder front, I LOVE your aforementioned grace, and I hope you're still saying it :)
PS: I pumped up the volume for the kids and they got groovy!

JoeinVegas said...

OH, now I have images of a senior citizens rescue brigade in costume hobbling down the street on walkers. Big help.