Sunday, April 12, 2009

Where Has The Joy Been?

I used forced entry last week.

I didn’t mean to, but...

I found out that there wasn't going to be anyone to take care of my children during this thing called "Spring Break."

[The nerve of these school management types!]

At first I thought I should get out my old day planner and organize a series of activities that would fill each of their days with a combination of outings, instructional opportunities and free play.

[Ha Ha Ha Ha.]

That is not at all what I really thought.

I really thought we should go to Florida.

And I convinced other families that they should go too.

Then the nurse from The Mayor’s surgeon’s office said that there was no way The Mayor could (or should) go within 5,000 miles of the beach until he was 70 billion years post surgery.

I thought this was excessive, but since I’m like such a totally kick ass parent compliant with the medical community, I told the other families they would have to do without the ABSOLUTE JOY of our familial company.

They, like rationale headed people, made reservations for a small house that would comfortably accommodate two families, not three, and that was fine.

There was order in my universe.

However, right after The Mayor's surgery, the surgeon said,

“So. When are you leaving for the beach?”
[Oh, WHAT?!]

After I “used my words” with him, The Surgeon told me that the nurse must have made a mistake, that it was fine for The Mayor to go TO the ocean, he just couldn't go IN it.

[Long string of expletives!!!!!]

I spent the following many days weaseling my way into the small house that my friends (perhaps former friends?) rented.

I hope they still like me...


JCK said...

OH, you are SO brave to go to the beach with a boy who isn't allowed in the water. That would be torture for me. And my boy!

Hope your little guy is doing well after the surgery!

jeanie said...

Oh my - how upset were you!!

I am sure they would forgive (eventually).

Magpie said...

Oh, the beach! What a great photo - and I'm glad you got there, even if he doesn't get to go in.

furiousBall said...

i've never been a big ocean swimmer myself, i just go in to cool down. my favorite thing about the beach has always been all that white noise of the surf

Patience said...

Joyful children!

Wish I were on the beach.

Lottifish said...

I'm cracking up at "used my words." Lol.

Devilish Southern Belle said...

Hey, I'd have done the same thing regarding the beach! Glad you got to go after all :)

Anonymous said...

No forced entry...
The door was wide open (at least I hope it looked that way!)
And we still love y'all!

Merrily Down the Stream said...

I guess you forgot to ask us to go???

movin down the road said...

ha ha ha!! You can make things happen...