Thursday, May 07, 2009

40 Year Old Prom

Over the weekend, my friend Aaron celebrated his 40th birthday.

For the occasion, his wife threw him a 1987 Prom.

She rented a hotel ballroom and decorated it with balloons, steamers and confetti.

She even built a decorated arch and hired a professional photographer.

The rest of us spent a lot of time looking for ruffled, taffeta ball gowns at the local thrift stores.

After visiting three different thrift stores I found only one formal dress that fit.

Though there was nothing about it that signified 1987 specifically, I was tired of shopping and decided I would have to focus my efforts on building big hair.

We went out for our pre-prom dinner with Merrily and Gepetto and turned quite a few heads.

[Because, I mean... look at them!]

When we arrived at the prom and parted the tinsel curtain hanging in the door, we stepped back in time.

Everything was just as it should be, just as it was.

There were women sporting pony tails tied high and to the side, teal ruffled monstrosities with dyed to match shoes and men with eyeliner and highlights.

Hairspray and frosted lipstick were in plentiful supply.

K and I got our prom picture taken and though no one was dancing yet, I pulled him onto the floor for the first slow dance.

Both of us went to the prom in high school, but we both went with friends for the sake of going.

Neither of us were in love with our dates – or even dating them for that matter.

Swaying on the dance floor with K, my arms high and around his neck in true high school fashion, I felt a kind of secret gladness to relive the prom with him.

My husband is my own personal, ultimate prom fantasy date.

There I was, at the prom, with him, the one.



Sticking to the spirit of 1987, the D.J. played songs that seemed to strictly adhere to the year.

At first, no one could really remember how we used to dance to that 80’s music, but gradually, the punk, alterna-teen moves of yesteryear returned.

K and I danced all night, skipping only a few songs.

We stayed out and awake far later than usual.

[It was prom after all.]

The next morning, when I heard The Rooster calling for me, I lifted my body up out of the bed, clutched my back and yelled.


K’s body was equally angry.

Therein lies the difference between 17 year old prom and 40 year old prom.

Oy vay... my achin' back.


My Babys Mommy said...

Great hair! You look good in a Sigourney Weaver in Ghostbusters kind of 80s way!

somewhereinthesuburbs said...

What a great party idea! I wish I'd known you needed a dress. My mother saves everything, so I access to some hot tea-length taffeta or satin numbers.

The Sour Kraut said...

You look far too normal. Love the longer hair! You look great.

WILLIAM said...

Did you guys Make-Out under the bleachers?

furiousBall said...

i do hope you guys sucked face to some Alphaville

Patience said...

Y'all look awesome!!

(And everyone knows what couples do after prom! They couple!!)

Trotsky said...

This is a great birthday party idea.
I may have to steal it
My best friend just had his 40th - we TOTALLY should have done this. It would have been the A/V Geek Kids' Prom!

Kim said...

You look great. Not 80's at all.

Where I live, many still have that same hairdo.

Hairline Fracture said...

Your dress looks way too elegant for the 80s, but I'll give you an A for effort!

Lilian Nattel said...

Sounds like fun--and happy birthday to your brother.

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

You look great, doll. I totally would have been jealous of you in high school.

BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

I love it.

Kyla said...

Oh, I love it!

Kathy's Surprise Party said...
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Kami said...

I haven't been by in awhile but keep up on twit and goodreads. You guys look GREAT!

foop said...

Is it possible to have a crush on a couple? I lurve you guys!

CJP said...

I hope this doesn't come out wrong.

You only look better in the 2009 version.

Which means, you look mah-velous dahling. ( a la Billy Crystal - how old are we???)

Amanda said...

Ok, I learned my lesson over at BEAW once by actually putting a guy's name in my comment and having him (or his wife) sniff out the comment and make me feel like a freak. So, I'll say that Kravis Bewert was my date to prom in 1990, but a week before prom he learned that I had inhaled and he called me and said that I was not the quality of person he would want as a date, but out of moral obligation he would still take me. Boy was that a fun night.


Karen said...

I never went to prom.I was asked by the boy of my dreams when I was in 9th grade and he was a senior, but then he stood me up. I cried so much when I realized he wasn't coming, and my father declared that HE would take me and I said I would rather die than go to prom with my father.

After that, I had no interest in going, and turned down dates to go. It was a bad experience.

But, when my daughters were in Girl Scouts, we had a Father-Daughter dance that was themed the Cinderella Ball, and we all dressed up in fancy dresses. I had no date then either, as my father had passed away by then.

That party idea is a great one, though, one that I would totally steal if my husband danced, but he doesn't.

Assertagirl said...

Lookin' hot! I bet you got lucky.

Haley-O said...

Wow, you look GORJ! LOVE the hair! Love the idea for the party! WOW....

Laski said...

How totally awesome! Dang, I miss the 80s.

I'd bet you look NO different from high school :)

prozac said...

That looks like a really, really nice way to spend a birthday. I can only imagine all the effort and preparation that went into it. But from the looks of it, it all seemed worth it, though.

BOSSY said...

What an unbelievable idea. Bossy kind of wishes she could turn 40 again. Not.

mrsbignerd said...

Hey! I hope you'll add the NEW IMPROVED prom pics to your blog. I'm honored our party was featured here. You look like you were having a ball in the new pics!!! I was too busy to notice that night! Thanks for go all out and making it a special night!

Postcard Mailing said...

Wow, that's wonderful! What a way to relive the wonderful yesteryears :) and to spend it with someone you love too! Definitely icing on the cake :) I'm sure this was a truly special night for all of you, something that you will remember as the greatest prom you've been to! :)