Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Trailer

"Wasn't she somehow involved with that man whose wife died in the trailer when that tree fell on it?" I asked gesturing discreetly at a pregnant woman in a pool chair.

She pulled me aside in confidence.

"Well actually," she said, "that was her sister."

I was at the community pool in my Granny's small, rural community and though I've been swimming there on summer vacations since I can remember, keeping everyone's life story straight is difficult since I am just an occasional interloper from the city.

"See that shirtless boy over there in the camouflage shorts and bare feet?" she asked me. "He's the one. He was that baby."

She gave me a knowing look.

In my grandmother's tiny Virgina hamlet, there was an accident about nine years ago.

During a severe thunderstorm, a tree fell on a trailer home and killed the mother of a newborn baby boy.

The child was protected and saved by his mother's body, though it took hours to extract him.

This is one story that I have never forgotten as I find it haunts me still.

I have often thought about the boy's father and wondered what it must have cost him to live through the combined death and survival.

I have also thought about the boy and wondered about growing up in the shadow of this strange sacrifice.

My confidant brought my wandering attention back to her story.

She pointed at the pregnant woman that I had asked initially asked about.

"Now her sister," she said, "you might have seen her. She was here earlier in the pink halter top?"

I nodded.

"Well she's married to the father now and that little girl in the pink bikini is their daughter."

The little girl in the pink bikini struck me as impossibly beautiful and I worried again about the father, only this time not for his passed, but for his future heartache.

What will it be like to be the father of a girl that pretty when she comes of age?


WILLIAM said...

The same questions could be posed to your husband

elizabeth said...

So three sisters all involved with the same man?!?! He must really like that family.

Kim said...

Everyone knows everyone and everyone is related.

"Everyone dies famous in a small town."

Anonymous said...

Poor K, He's going to need a big stick too, just to beat the boys away from Roo in a few short years.

Karen said...

Hmmm, he must have a some big attraction, :)

UPrinting said...

There's really nothing like the sacrifice of a mother to save her child, such unconditional love. I'm sure her child will forever remember her and know that his mom is watching over him and guiding him always.

Merrily Down the Stream said...

Maybe we can survive together...

g-man said...

I cant imagine what it must have been like to survive that, I can however, imagine the pain I will be in when my two lovely daughters start to develop. (I plan to buy guns so I can "clean" them)

Toddler Crafts Onna said...

What a sad story- What a loss for the family.

I think most dad's worry about their daughters and how Boys are!! I know mine does!! UGH! at least I have about 10 more years!!