Monday, August 31, 2009


I usually hang out at Rooster's pre-k playground for awhile after I pick her up.

It gives her a chance to play longer with her best friend and I effectively kill time until I can go pick up The Mayor.

[And it would be unfair not to admit that I really like the standing around and talking with the other parents part.]

Over time, I have developed a friendship with the parents of one of The Rooster's best friends.

The wife is secretly hysterical.

She is an introvert and, should you meet her on the street, you might find her quiet, but you would not know her true nature.

She endlessly e-mails me links to you tube videos of Latvian, Pirate Eurovision contestants.

Recently, after I retaliated with a little failed Karaoke, she admitted that "Tuts My Barreh" is her new make-out, come on, theme song.

[So you can see why I like talking to her.]

And that is just what I was doing when I heard,

"Mommy, come strap me in!"

The Rooster and her friend had climbed up on the baby swings.

Now, technically, they're not supposed to be on the baby swings in the first place because they are much too big.

"It's okay Roo," I called to her, "just hold on tightly to the rope."

Four seconds later I watched her fall and hit her chin. Hard.

I ran to her, scooped her up, covered her in love and apologized.

It was absolutely my fault... I was too pre-occupied talking to my friend.

[Oh, the guilt!]

A nano second later, The Rooster's friend also fell and she too, began to cry.

Her mother scooped her daughter up just as I had done.

When our girls calmed down a bit, she caught my eye and said,

"We should probably just split the Mother of the Year Award."


No more going strapless!


thatgirlblogs said...

ah, throw a helmet on them and keep talking, that's what I would do...

JoeinVegas said...

If you had talked louder you wouldn't ahve heard the kids to begin with . . .

King Isepik said...

Oh, the Funny! :)

Marq | said...

Ouch! Good thing you acted quickly. Personally, I think these things cant't be completely avoided. As one parent said : "why do we fall?" "to learn to pick ourselves up".

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I feel totally lucky that many of the parents at Declan's school are of the strapless variety as well. :)

Mary G said...

They've got to learn; you won't always be around to strap them in.
Your friend sounds wonderful.

Will said...
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Jenn said...

I'll be damned if I'm going to give that award up!

I worked hard for it.

Anonymous said...

we have no kids (we tried!!!) and yet, we totally get this. you both are awesome. they will learn.

thisnewplace said...

Ha ha ha!!! I love it when I find mom friends who will blurt out exactly what I am thinking.