Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Capacitación en la Diversidad

Last night The Rooster chose Maria Shriver's book called "What's Wrong With Timmy?" as a bed time story.

The book's intent is to help kids understand that some children live with disabilities.

The book primarily focuses on the strengths of children with special needs and how much we all have in common, but there is one part of the book where other children make fun of the main character, Timmy, who has Downs Syndrome.

Timmy is sometimes called rude names simply because he is different.

"What do you think about that?" I asked The Rooster.

Roo flipped her palms upwards and bounced her forearms up and down emphatically as she spoke.

"I think that's crazy," she said, widening her eyes. "Differences are what make the world beautiful!"

[Oh, the great beaming pride!]

Just when I was privately gloating about my clearly AWESOME parenting skillz, The Rooster said more.

"Differences make everything pretty! I can wear pink and you can wear red! Everyone can have a different outfit and then... with everyone in different clothes... the world is REALLY, REALLY PRETTY!"

[Greatly shrunken and reduced beam of...]

Hers is a take on the benefits of celebrating diversity that I hadn't previously considered.

It is our differences that make the fashion industry work, people.

Be kind to others or you will never find the perfect fall boots.

"Is next... svim wear!"


Online Printing Company said...

"Differences are what make the world beautiful!"

Awww...That's a great answer. I agree. Our differences make us appreciate one another.

Scientific Lutheran said...

Oh my gosh! How did you find that commercial! That's great!

Oh, and differences make the world go round. that too.

Ponygirl said...

She didn't even mention the beauty of accessories in giving the same essentials a brand new look. I love that your little girl is all about fashion. And I love that you're teaching her about diversity at the same time. Love you!

Maggie said...

Well, you could still feel proud. She has the essential concept right! And who doesn't love a pretty dressed world? =)

Mary G said...

You have the greatest blog! I wish I could get here more often.
My older daughter had (and has) flaming copper coloured hair. She was a boy magnet from about age five.
She hated it because they teased her, as small boys do, to get her attention. So her sister decided to protect her, and started swatting the bad boys (sister was four.)
Your daughter has a much better take on it all.
There's a folk group that sings 'the seasons'; it always makes me cry. To me that quote is mystical and comforting - there will be a different season along in due time, just hang on, is what it says to me.
And I love your grannie's ghost.

Anonymous said...

Hat's off to Roo - Love that kid. But you should have known she was into fashion when she took me on last year to tell me my stocking did NOT match my outfit! Maybe her love of color/art/fashion will make her a famous designer one day - and if so, she better give discounts to Grandma Seattle. (We will hope that as she matures her perspective on diversity broadens beyond the fashion world.)

Amanda said...

If I buy a motorcycle with one of those Jetson-y side cars and swear never to leave my driveway, could I have her as a sidekick?

Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Nothing like a child's perspective to make you stop and think!

Cynthia said...

she truly is a girl after my own heart....

Amy said...

SO funny. Girls will be girls!

bzybead said...

love it. just love it.

Emily N said...

Just catching up on your blog... such wonderful posts about your kids... and how funny that you posted this ad, my brother and I have been quoting that ad ever since it came out ... "SVIMWEAR!" PS bummer about the need for more surgery for The Mayor :-(