Monday, October 26, 2009


Last Friday I took The Mayor for a hearing test.

It's been eight months since his ear surgery and despite the slicing and peeling off of the ear, problems persist.

The Mayor's ear drum is retracting again and the ear is filled with fluid.

His hearing test results show an arc of hearing loss similar to the results we saw prior to the surgery.

Despite the scary reality that my son's jugular vein runs through his middle ear and the fact that the surgeon said "if I NEVER see the interior of your kid's ear again it will be too soon," it looks like more surgery is required.

The doctor wants to put ear tubes in again.

He wants to keep the fluid drained so that the larger problem doesn't re-occur.

Getting ear tubes is a simple procedure, but still.

Surgery is surgery.

I knew going in that the doctor was going to say something like this so I had steeled myself for it.

My lip didn't even tremble.

I was hardened.

When I drove The Mayor back to school, we approached the the building from the back.

We saw a group of children playing on the playground.

"I wonder if your class is outside right now," I said to The Mayor.

I slowed the car and inched along.

The Mayor and I peered out the windows at the kids.

The Mayor rolled down his window.

"The Mayor!" a little girl shouted, pointing.

She ran to the curb to meet us.

"Do you want to play boys chase the girls?" she asked.

As it turned out, it was The Mayor's classmates that were out at recess.

I saw his teacher sitting on a bench and she waved.

The Mayor unbuckled his seat belt as two other children ran up alongside the car.

"Mayor!" they shouted. "The Mayor's back!!"

Suddenly, all the kids on the playground were running for the car.

"Mayor, Mayor!!" they yelled.

My son climbed out of the car and stepped into the grass.

Immediately, his shoulders were draped with the arms of friends.

He strode away from the car at the very center of a literal flock of children.

They had surrounded him and were skipping along suggesting games they could all play.

I caught the flash of his great big smile and the sparkle in his eye as he walked away.

Something about it triggered me and it was when I drove away that the tears came.


Merrily Down the Stream said...

Oh Sweetie! That little man will be just fine - no matter what. He is a gem.

Stella said...

This brought me to tears.

He is going to be fine. He is so strong and so is his mom!

Brochures Printing said...

Awww...What a touching story. Your son is so lucky to have found great friends at an early age. Glad he is safe. Thanks for sharing this.

St Jude said...

If only we could have the surgery instead of them, wouldn't life be easier for parents. I went through the same problem with my son, he had to have the surgery twice. I understand how difficult it is. Keep you chin up sweetie.

ree said...

It would have triggered me as well. I remember when Shortman was pitching in Little League. His team wasn't very good - they had won only one game the entire season - but all teams got into the playoffs.

Somehow, they won the first game. The second game decided who went to the "World Series". He was on the mound with bases loaded and two outs. He threw out their best batter on three strikes.

His entire team swarmed that mound. I stood sobbing.

I completely understand. :-)

Anonymous said...

I send you kisses and many virtual hugs to comfort you. The Mayor is an extrodinary kid as we all know.
Love, Mom AKA Grandma Seattle

Leah said...

That post touched me. No matter what he will be okay and so will you. He is loved by many.

mamatulip said...

I love the images that came with this post.

Kyla said...

The best of luck to you guys.

Ponygirl said...

Just read this one and am keeping your family in my heart.

bzybead said...

oh sistah, i'm sorry to hear that there is another surgery. we love you and our thoughts are so with YOU. XOXO

Penny said...

Triggered me too. Children can be horrible.. but they can be Oh So Sweet! :) Lovely.